Making delicious durian cake at home is extremely simple

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Durian is actually a fruit with an attractive taste that is hard to resist. Today, Duc My will show you how to make durian cake very simply at home.

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1. Wrapper:


70gr Wheat flour20gr Unsalted butter200ml Non-sugar fresh milk1 Egg40gr Sugar

2. Filling cake:


125gr Whipping cream20gr Sugar25ml Non-sugar fresh milk150gr Durian

Let's get started!

- Step 1: Wrapper: Allow butter khổng lồ melt naturally in the air or melt until melted & mixed with sugar, fresh milk and egg. Beat with a whisk for about 5 minutes.

- Step 2: Sift the wheat flour into the mixture, continue beating until the ingredients are well combined.


- Step 3: Heat the pan on the stove, then use a small cotton ball, absorb a little oil or butter and cover the pan well.

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- Step 4: Ladle 1 teaspoon of flour into a pan.


- Step 5: Wait until the dough is sastisfactory, then put it on plate.


- Step 6: Filling cake: Whip the whipping cream, sugar và freshly warm milk until the mixture hardens.


- Step 7: Durian is pureed

- Step 8: Spread the crust into a plate, place a spoonful of the filling (done in step 5) và a spoonful of durian, then fold the four corners of the cake & place in the refrigerator compartment for 3 - 4 hours