10 best local dishes from nha trang


Jellyfish noodle is a popular dish in many places in Vietnam, but the original jellyfish noodles of Nha Trang is still the best one of all. Whenever Vietnamese come back to lớn Nha Trang after a long time of separation, jellyfish noodles will always be their first meal khổng lồ ease all the homesickness. “It’s the taste of sea. Hence, the taste of home.” 

About jellyfish noodles

Nha Trang jellyfish noodles is a signature dish of this sea city. It is universally favored by both locals & tourists. Especially when summer comes and the heat goes up, jellyfish gets more delicious as it helps khổng lồ cool down inner body toàn thân heat.

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Selected jellyfish khổng lồ cook this dish are small ones - only at the kích cỡ of a thumbnail. Their bodies are thick with an opaque trắng that is quite similar to lớn the color of coconut meat. Fishermen have to sail lớn the faraway sea in order to lớn catch this type of jellyfish. 

The broth will be cooked from ponyfishes which is a very small fish. It is only about three-finger long. To lớn make the broth nutritious, locals also use other fish such as mackerels và barracuda. These fish will have their bones removed và then be grinded until all becomes smooth mince. 

Later, mince will be shaped into little fish balls & steamed. When eating, you only need to lớn put some bun, salad, clean jellyfish and some fish balls together with the broth. There comes the dedicated and tasty jellyfish noodle.



The recipe of Nha Trang jellyfish noodle is rooted in the cuisine of Central Vietnam. In this land, the locals only use fish instead of meat to cook the broth. Other ingredients also come from the sea. Not too many additives are used to lớn ensure that the original taste of sea is well-preserved. They focus on the natural flavor of fish to cook such a devoted & original dish of local culture. 

Jellyfish noodles not only earn favour from the locals in Nha Trang but it also gains the heart of many visitors. It is the unique recipe of preserving natural taste and the simplicity yet dedication of the chef that impresses all diners. This Nha Trang jellyfish noodles is a combination of nature and culture of this Central Vietnam’s land. 

Where to lớn eat Jellyfish Noodle in Nha Trang?

1. Bun Ca co Ba



Address: 123 Yersin, Nha TrangOpening hours: 06:00 - 11:00 và 15:00 - 21:00

This is a popular restaurant with high quality. The broth is not too thick. Fish are always delicious & fresh.

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Jellyfish are crispy. Big bowl costs VND 25.000, small one costs VND 20.000 and special bowl with more fish costs VND 35.000. Iced tea is served for free. Staff are friendly. 

2. Bun ca Min - Bun ca Ninh Hoa



Address: 170 Bach Dang, Nha TrangOpening hours: 16:00 - 21:00

This place is popular lớn locals as it has been serving for quite a long time. A big bowl with fish, fish balls & jellyfish costs VND 35.000. Broth is sweet and rich in flavor without MSG. The restaurant is not too big, so it will be more refreshing if you sit outside. Iced tea is reviewed khổng lồ be surprisingly tasty. 

3. Bun ca sua Yersin

Address: 87 Yersin, Nha Trang Opening hours: 9:00 - 21:00

Jellyfish noodles here have fish balls, jellyfish and mackerels. Jellyfish and fish balls are extremely delicious. The broth is clear and sweet. If it’s not salty enough, you can địa chỉ fish sauce. The owner is fun. 

4. Bun ca sua Tang Bat Ho 

Address: 3 Tang Bat Ho, Nha TrangOpening hours: 6:00 - 10:30 

The staff is enthusiastic & friendly. They deliver excellent customer service that will impress you for sure. A full bowl costs VND 30.000. The texture of fish balls is perfect. Jellyfish are crispy & tasty lớn dip in sweet & sour sauce made from shrimp. La Han Qua ginseng tea is also served. 

5. Quan lại Cay Bang - Bun ca La Dam

Address: 6 Han Thuyen, Nha Trang Opening hours: 06:00 - 24:00

It is said this restaurant serves the original Nha Trang jellyfish noodles. A full bowl has different types of fish, fish balls and jelly fish.