Vietnamese fish sauce recipe


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Fish sauce runs in my veins, và nước mắm trộn is one of the most essential recipes lớn have under your belt when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. This sweet, sour, salty & spicy dipping sauce shows up in so many places. It can be a vinaigrette or salad dressing in gỏi, or salads. It"s used as a dipping sauce for many dishes like my catfish spring rolls & is used as a sauce in others lượt thích a thịt nướng vermicelli bowl or my water chestnut cake with pork topping (bánh đúc mặn). I also use it as a glaze for my fish sauce wings.

Pin Vietnamese Fish Sauce Dipping Sauce (Nước Mắm Pha) To Try Later!

You might see this sauce also named gia vị chấm (dipping sauce) or even nước mắm (fish sauce). Nước mắm nam ngư can be confusing because it can mean both the bottled fish sauce that goes into this recipe OR the dipping sauce, which has sugar, lime, garlic và chiles added. It"s kind of like how some people may call lettuce leaves salad as well as a salad composed of lettuce leaves, toppings & dressings.

All you need to know is that nước mắm, nước chấm & nước mắm pha can all mean the same thing with little nuances in translation. The end result is that you get a sweet, salty, sour và savory dipping sauce and vinaigrette that you"ll want to put on everything!

This recipe is more of a guide than a real recipe. Because some brands of fish sauce are saltier than others, và it can often get more salty the longer it"s left after the jar is opened, all measurements are a guide. Additionally, some limes can be sweeter while others are more sour. It"s important to taste as you go along and find a balance of sweet, salty, sour và spicy that you like most.

This nước mắm pha recipe is a basic recipe. You"ll find that some dishes require a thicker sauce (less water), or no garlic. When eating duck, ginger is usually added to the fish sauce.

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