6 ingredient fish cakes recipe


If you have had Teochew Porridge, then you will certainly be familiar with the fish cakes that they sell as one of the dishes. It has always been one of my must-order items, & sometimes I even just buy them alone to go with the other food that I have. One of the reasons I adore them is because pork meat is mostly mixed in và I love the texture và taste that it imparts. I have always wanted to lớn attempt making my own, & finally decided to bởi it today. I certainly liked the result of this attempt, enough for me khổng lồ blog it.

But first, a couple of notes for the Teochew fish cake connoisseur, my version has a little more pork in it, because that is how I prefer it. You can vary the proportions to have more fish than pork if that is what you prefer, và that is the beauty of cooking, you can always adapt to something khổng lồ suits your palate more. I also used spring onions instead of parsley, the latter which is what the originals would have used. I had leftover spring onions which I wanted to lớn get rid of, so I used them instead.

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250g fish paste – already salted by maker200g minced pork – get the one with fats, not lean2 red chillies – deseeded & diced finely2 cloves of garlic – minced finelyApproximately 20g or a heaped tablespoon of winter vegetables aka Dong Cai (冬菜) – washed and drained 3 times, each time squeezing out all the water before the next wash. Then finally squeezed dry by hand, & finely chopped3 tablespoons of chopped spring onions (or parsley if preferred)2 tablespoons of sesame oil


Place all the ingredients into the bowl.

Mix them up well by folding in with a fork, ensuring that all the ingredients are thoroughly blended together. It should look lượt thích this. You can use your hand khổng lồ mix if it if you prefer.

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Using wet hands, scoop up a ball of the mixture & shape it with your palm, then place on a metal plate (the same one which you will use khổng lồ steam it with).

I prefer not khổng lồ move them after I have formed them, so I made 3 on one plate and the rest on another (to freeze for another day). Let them hang out in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. Then freeze the plate you want to lớn keep and take the plate you want lớn devour out to lớn sit in room temperature for 15 mins before you steam them.

Steam them for 15 minutes & there you have them, ready to lớn go with your meal! I had them with brown rice và one of my favourite Tofu dish. Healthy and yummy!


I used fish paste which I bought from the market in Tiong Bahru, there are stalls that sell them, & they would have already been salted before hand. I have also seen commercially made fish paste in supermarkets. If you want to go one cấp độ up, you can certainly make your own fish paste.I haven’t used any extra salt or soya sauce as the pre-salted fish paste & the salt from the winter vegetables would contribute enough of it to lớn the cakes. Adding more would make it too salty.