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Crab hot pot is a very popular Japanese winter dish. Seasonal seafood and vegetables make a delicious broth, which you can also use lớn make a rich crab flavored porridge after you’ve eaten the hot pot.

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Crab hot pot
Crab porridge after hot pot

Hot pot is an easy dish to lớn make that is often eaten in winter. All I need to vày is prepare the veggies, broth, & meat / seafood và cook on the dining table as we eat. Among the many kinds of hot pots, crab hot pot is considered one of the most luxurious. I like to use red king crab because they are meaty và full of flavor. 

Recipe for crab hot pot:

I normally use napa cabbage, leek, tofu, asian mushrooms, konnyaku (or shirataki), & raw red king crab legs. You can substitute the veggies to lớn suit your taste or to lớn use up any scrap veggies in your fridge. For example, sometimes I use onions instead of leek or omit konnyaku and asian mushrooms if I cannot find them. Some people use carrots & other leafy veggies but napa cabbage is a must! For this particular crab hot pot recipe, I use the following ingredients:

Red king crabSalmonNapa cabbageLeekSilken tofuShimeji mushroomsKonnyaku (shirataki)



2. Cut veggies

While making the broth, let’s cut the veggies & tofu. I was taught khổng lồ cut the napa cabbage using the Sogi giri method – hold the knife at a 20-30 degree angle & slice the cabbage thinly. But I tend to get too lazy to use Sogi giri for each leaf so I start chopping them into 1-2 inch width pieces all at once. Also, cut the white part of the leek into 1 inch pieces và the tofu into 1-2 inch cubes.

3. Cook hot pot – first batch

Place the first batch of crab, salmon và other ingredients in to the pot. You don’t need khổng lồ fit all of each ingredient in at once, just 1/2 or 1/3 of the amount. We usually cook several batches until all the ingredients are gone or we are full. When placing ingredients into the pot, try to layout them out nicely lượt thích in the pictures below!



And cook with the lid on for about 15 min or until napa cabbages soften.

Recipe for crab porridge

To make porridge, I use cooked rice, an egg, green onions and about 1 cup of seafood.


Beat an egg và pour over the rice mixture – this egg works as an extra layer to cook the porridge. The pictures below show how my mom và grandma pour egg onto rice. They use a serving spoon with holes to lớn slowly and evenly spread the egg onto the rice. In this way, I can avoid the egg from clumping together. But if you don’t have this kind of spoon, no big deal. Just gently pour it in.

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Then, đứng đầu with crab meat & green onions & cook covered for about 5 min under low heat. *If you like the green onions more cooked, feel free to showroom them into the soup before adding the rice và cook them a little bit more in advance.

eggseafood (crab & salmon)lastly, green onionslid on và cook

After 5 min… Ta-da! Porridge is done!

After cooking, serve in individual bowls. Pour about 1/4 tsp of Ponzu & Japanese hot pepper if you like. (I personally lượt thích crab porridge without ponzu so that I can enjoy the crab taste more!) Seaweed is a good topping option as well.

Serve in Individual bowlsPour ponzu in the porridgeEnjoy!

It’s best khổng lồ eat right after it’s cooked but if you would like to save some for later, rice will gradually absorb the soup and the porridge will get clumpy. In that case, phối in some water when reheating.

Recommended ingredients & tools:

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Japanese crab hot pot recipe using red king crab, salmon, & veggies. And crab porridge recipe using leftover broth! Perfect dish for cold winter days.