Hanoi Grilled Fish (Chả Cá Lã Vọng)


The fish cake has long been a famous dish of Van Dinh. Despite differences in processing và recipe with cha Ca La Vong, both are specialty of Hanoi và deserved well to introduce to tourists at home and abroad.

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Van Dinh fish cake is usually made from fresh water fish such as: mrigal carp, tilapia, grass carp or coilia. However, the fish cake made from major cap has more tasty & sweeter than bởi from ca tram và tilapia. The Van Dinh fish cake is processed by removing bones from fish meat, remove fish skin, then grind with seasonings as dry onion, dill, chili, & pure fish sauce.


Come to fish cake Van Dinh shop, you will have chance khổng lồ enjoy a specialty- mrigal carp cake that is chất lượng dish made by the cửa hàng owner Miss Thu (the recipe is kept in secret).

Mrigal carp that is used to lớn make fish cake weighs from 0.8 khổng lồ 1.5 kg. This kind of fish is very popular in fresh water, Northern ponds and lakes. The way khổng lồ process and enjoy this food is an art because it is very detailed and time-consuming.

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Van Dinh fish cake can be eaten right away or processed for more different dishes. Dinner may showroom noodle, fish sauce, herbs or slice it into small pieces khổng lồ fry with onion, garlic, or served with hot pot. It is really delicious.

It is a suggestion to eat Van Dinh fish cake when hot and not over-heated fried that make the cake dry và lack of appetite. It is reason why when delivered, the cake is wrapped in silver paper bag to keep heat, customers can eat right away without processing again. Miss Thu shared: when customers receive the food, still warm in their hands hence they will be made impression about quality and service at their first time order.

Price: the Van Dinh fish cake costs 180, 000 dong/ 1 kg and không tính tiền ship in Hanoi. Beside fish cake, miss Thu processes various salted shredded meat from mrigal carp, grass carp. It is quite convenient for those who work in office or families with small children or child-bear women.

Address: no. 29, 174 Tam Trinh street, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi

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