Homemade Fish Balls Recipe

These homemade Fish Balls are easy khổng lồ make và require only a few simple ingredients. Experience how different these are from those you usually buy on the streets.

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I love street food as much as the next person. They are tasty, inexpensive, and filling. I have been enjoying them for as long as I can remember. One of the most popular of these is fish balls. You will see them being sold on sản phẩm điện thoại food carts almost everywhere you go in the Philippines.

However, as much as I appreciate them, these kinds of commercialized street food can be full of extenders and artificial flavors. So I have been sharing how to lớn make them at home using all-natural ingredients like my Siomai, Calamares, and Kwek-Kwek recipes. They are easy to make & can be stored easily so you can stock them up. You"ll never know when the cravings might hit!

What Fish to Use?

Generally, you can use any type of fish lớn make fish balls. But the ideal type to use is the ones with fewer bones & more gelatin. You can have fresh ones or use frozen ones. Frozen fillets are, of course, the easier choice.

Here are some common fishes normally used for making fish balls:

mackerelsolecream dorytilapia

I used frozen cream dory fillets to make mine and it turned out great.

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If using fresh whole fish, just fillet them scrape the flesh of the skin using a spoon then remove any bones.


Homemade Fishball Sauces

As with any Asian-inspired food, the sauce plays a big role in the holistic appeal of the dish. Here in the Philippines, there are 3 usual types of dips used to enjoy deep-fried fish balls.

Spiced Vinegar. I make mine using vinegar, red onion, salt, và ground pepper. I also showroom chopped hot chili khổng lồ make it a bit spicy.

How lớn Store Fish Balls?

If you are making a big batch of fish balls with the intention of keeping some for future use, make sure khổng lồ store them properly lớn prevent spoilage. Let the balls cool down completely after boiling before placing them on ziplock bags.

In the fridge- it can stay fresh for at least 5 days. You will know if it is still good from the texture và smell. If it is coated in a slimy film và has an overpowering fishy smell, get rid of it immediately.

In the freezer- these yummy balls can stay frozen for months without spoiling. Make sure they are properly sealed to prevent freezer burns.

Serving Ideas

There are a lot of different ways to lớn enjoy fishballs! You can deep-fry or air-fry them và serve them with your favorite dipping sauce as an afternoon snack. You can also use them for soups và hotpots. I often địa chỉ cửa hàng them to my Pancit Canton or Pancit Bihon as toppings.