Homemade fish balls recipe

Making smooth, tender và yummy traditional Chinese fish balls at home is quite changing but it really worth the efforts.

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When talking making a curry fish balls or fish ball soup, the first ideas come to lớn my mind is purchasing a store bought fish balls. The idea of making those fresh balls at home never come to me previously until I get fresh mackerel shipped in this winter. Food is a good record of life & I know it is the best time to start the journey.

In order to make the perfect traditional Chinese fish balls, I have consultant with several foodies from Chou Zhou, which is believe to lớn be the origin area of fish balls. Area of origin. & finally I started my journey. I have tried lớn use fresh water fish to lớn make the fish balls, but all of them comes out with a powdering texture và do not as elastic as expected. So the first step is lớn choose the right type of fish. In generally, all types of sea fishes with high gelatin can work for traditional Chinese fish balls. In China, we love to lớn use eel and mackerel. So ask your local fishing man and try to find a similar type.


Cook’s note

What types of fish should I choose – In theory, only type of fish can be used to lớn make fish balls. However, the best options should be always fish with more glutens và less bones. So shark, eel and mackerel are & the most popular types of fish balls.

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How much water actually needed? —the water amount needed for a successful fluffy fish paste is depending on the water nội dung contained in the fish meat. Fresher fish usually needs less water. But please vì not scared by the uncertainty. We can check the fish paste from time lớn time and figure out the best balance. This recipe is based on frozenmackerel. If you use fresh mackerel, you may need 300ml to lớn 350ml water totally.

The ultimate guide for testing where the fish paste is ready is to vì the floating testing. Scoop a small amount of fish paste and throw into water, it should float quickly. If it sinks, showroom another 2 tablespoons of water and continue blending at high tốc độ for 2-3 minutes & repeat the testing. I understand this is quite confusing, but it is quite easy after you making the first batch.

Whether starch is necessary? --- It is 100% ok if you want to lớn skip starch. However, adding some starch especially tapioca starch can make the balls more elastic. Store bought fish balls contains a large portion of starch, at least 30% of the net weight. But if you are making those balls for children, pure fish meat can produce yummy fish balls too, but the mixture requires less water.


Pure fish meat 1000g, I use frozen mackerel this timearound 350g or 400g iced water, divided (200ml for smashing và 150ml +50ml for blending), the water amount is highly depending on your type of fish & the freshness. Start with the lower 350ml level.2 tbsp. Cooking wine4 tbsp. Sugar3 tsp. Salt4 middle kích thước egg whites4 tbsp. Starch (Firstly recommend tapioca starch, cornstarch can work too. )


Cut the head và tails off and then separate the fish into two fillets. Use s scoop lớn scoop off the meat. Save the head & tails. They can be used to lớn cook a fish stock.