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Craftastic Monday Link Party Time!, Hacking Esheep

About: Hello. I”m Matt and I am one of those people who likes to experiment with things. To tamper with their innermost parts, and see what makes them tick. That is why I love hacking. It is the only thing that con h… More About mutant »

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For those of you not familiar with Esheep go here: download your own Esheep go here: SheepThis is an indepth guide to hacking these lovable little critters to better fit your taste.Tired of yellow, make one that is green with black horns, and white skin. Maybe even add some red to his eyes for that crack-head effect. With the help of this guide, you too can spawn your own little 16-Bit bundle of joy.



since this sheep doesn”t work anymore on 64-bit systems and I loved this sheep sooo much, I decided to create a copy in c#. If you want, you can download this sheep for free from my page:

If you want a MUCH easier method then just visit here and download eSheep Hacker (it”s a program I made that does it all for you):”s easy, like the picture below. Note: I know this is VERY VERY VERY OLD but I made it nevertheless. It also lets you change things like the UFO and flames when the sheep flame dives.

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Hey peeps…this program gives a huge warning, as soon as you go to it, saying it”s malware…so I left immediately!! Just thought I”d let you know. ?

I know another way to save it as exe. Right-click the esheep.exe file and click Copy. Paste it (CTRL+V) into the same folder. It will be named “esheep20 – copy”. Rename that to something else. Then edit it with the hex editor and just press File> Save.

my file when i try to save it is *.exe and it wont let me change it so when i open it it says open with: i dont get it

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Okay! I was just messing around with the Worms screenmate, and I wanted to make his main color blue. So i typed the reversed code for the skin into the box, then typed the reversed code for pure blue (FF 00 00)(Thats the reversed code) and replaced all then saved. When I opened it, THE WORM WAS TRANSPARENT!!! WOOHOO!!! It worked for me, and it just might work for you. Try it out!

Does anyone get the “When-the-esheep-turns-it”s-color-is-original” thingy? Cause I got it. So I used another program instead, it”s called Hex Workshop. It”s FREE, too!

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