Craftastic monday link party time!

About: Hello. I"m Matt & I am one of those people who likes khổng lồ experiment with things. Khổng lồ tamper with their innermost parts, & see what makes them tick. That is why I love hacking. It is the only thing that bé h… More About mutant »

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For those of you not familiar with Esheep go here: download your own Esheep go here: SheepThis is an indepth guide khổng lồ hacking these lovable little critters to better fit your taste.Tired of yellow, make one that is green with đen horns, & white skin. Maybe even địa chỉ some red to lớn his eyes for that crack-head effect. With the help of this guide, you too can spawn your own little 16-Bit bundle of joy.



since this sheep doesn"t work anymore on 64-bit systems & I loved this sheep sooo much, I decided khổng lồ create a copy in c#. If you want, you can download this sheep for không lấy phí from my page:

If you want a MUCH easier method then just visit here and tải về eSheep hacker (it"s a program I made that does it all for you):"s easy, lượt thích the picture below. Note: I know this is VERY VERY VERY OLD but I made it nevertheless. It also lets you change things like the UFO và flames when the sheep flame dives.

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Hey peeps...this program gives a huge warning, as soon as you go to it, saying it"s I left immediately!! Just thought I"d let you know. ?

I know another way to save it as exe. Right-click the esheep.exe file and click Copy. Paste it (CTRL+V) into the same folder. It will be named "esheep20 - copy". Rename that khổng lồ something else. Then edit it with the hex editor and just press File> Save.

my file when i try to lớn save it is *.exe và it wont let me change it so when i open it it says open with: i dont get it

Okay! I was just messing around with the Worms screenmate, and I wanted khổng lồ make his main color blue. So i typed the reversed code for the skin into the box, then typed the reversed code for pure blue (FF 00 00)(Thats the reversed code) và replaced all then saved. When I opened it, THE WORM WAS TRANSPARENT!!! WOOHOO!!! It worked for me, và it just might work for you. Try it out!

Does anyone get the "When-the-esheep-turns-it"s-color-is-original" thingy? Cause I got it. So I used another program instead, it"s called Hex Workshop. It"s FREE, too!