Refresh your sweet potatoes with fried eggs


Easy & healthy breakfast recipe for fried sweet potatoes và runny eggs. Ready in minutes & is great for using up leftover sweet potatoes of any kind, lượt thích Instant pot sweet potatoes or crash-hot sweet potatoes.

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Once upon a time, there were leftover sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving in the fridge.

It was breakfast, I was hungry and anything leftover from Thanksgiving is totally appropriate for breakfast, right?

So I scooped some sweet potatoes into a skillet khổng lồ warm them up. For some unknown reason that I can only attribute lớn eating too much pie the night before, I cracked an egg on đứng top of the sweet potatoes.

The end.

The end?

Yes, the end, because it only took making this ONE TIME before I was hooked forever and ever. And I’m totally not exaggerating.


Why make Fried Sweet Potato with Eggs for Breakfast

Ever since that accidental science experiment a.k.a. Breakfast, I’ve been hooked on fried sweet potatoes with runny eggs. I will try lớn put into words how amazing this dish is:


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The potatoes are crispy, yet soft & sweet. Và the egg is runny và savory on the inside, fried & salty on the outside.Quick. Use leftover sweet potatoes.Frugal.

Ingredients for Fried Sweet Potatoes và Runny Eggs

This recipe calls for a simple danh sách of ingredients:

Coconut oilDiced sweet potatoEggsSalt & pepper

That’s all you need to make one of the most amazing breakfast meals ever.


How to lớn make Fried Sweet Potato Breakfast with Eggs

Making this delicious sweet potato breakfast is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Saute diced sweet potato in a skillet over medium heat over melted coconut oil.Crack the eggs over the đứng đầu when the sweet potatoes are almost medium brown. Reduce heat and cover until egg whites are cooked through.Season with salt and pepper & enjoy!

Additional Recipe Notes

You can easily double this recipe so you’re cooking for two or more. The sweet potatoes cook best when they’re in a single layer, so if you’re making a lot, you might want khổng lồ break it up into a few different batches và then địa chỉ cửa hàng sweet potatoes back into the pan when you cook the egg.

If you’re making this for several days, fry up just the potatoes và do the eggs the morning of. Reheating the eggs will eliminate the runny yolk, which is the best part, so don’t vì that!

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