Old fashioned egg custard tarts

Old Fashioned Egg Custard Tarts (or egg custards) are a classic British pastry that are simply a homemade, flaky pastry filled with egg, custard, a sprinkling of nutmeg và then baked.

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Interestingly, I recently learned that these tarts are also popular in China. Portugal and in France, the French gọi it ‘flan’. There is an age old debate as to who invented them first. But being British, of course, I like to say the Brits came up with this delicious treat because they’ve been around since the medieval times & that’s good enough for me!


Over time, they have become a popular ‘grab-and-go’ dessert that are sold in bakeries & grocery stores in the UK.

This recipe is a traditional, family recipe from my childhood in England when my mum would make a Sunday afternoon tea of finger sandwiches and these must-have pastries.

Custard is a very popular dessert in the British isles and not only comes in the form of tarts, but is also served as a hot sauce called ‘English Custard’ which is served over sweet pies, puddings and another classic, Rhubarb và Custard.


A popular & modern twist on this recipe is to lớn serve just the custard that is baked in small ramekins without any pastry. This would be perfect for a low carb/keto treat.

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I choose lớn make these in individual sizes because I love the crust edge. But this recipe is customizable because you can also make it into a larger 9-inch (23 cm) tart.

The mini tart pans/molds that I used are fluted, which give them a pretty presentation and measure 2 3/4” (7cm) wide by 3/4” (2cm) high. If you use molds that are deeper, you will run out of filling as the recipe yields just enough for this specified size.

How long vì chưng custard tarts keep?

They will keep up to 3 days refrigerated in a sealed container.

Can you freeze custard tarts?

You can freeze them, individually wrapped. The custard may separate & the moisture may make the pastry a little soggy.

If you’ve made these Old Fashioned Egg Custard Tarts, please feel free to leave a phản hồi below. You can also ask a question there too, I love to lớn hear from my readers!