Durian ice cream cake

“The smoothies here are always on point! I come khổng lồ this location for the convenience of it being so close to home, but if I"m honest, I always come back for the service. I am not sure…” more

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“OG Mia ($6.25 for large) và Pandan/Durian Waffle: OG Mia is kumquat + sugarcane! Super refreshing” more


“durian as a flavor! Sooo we got a mini tub of durian & Japanese yogurt. Our friend got a mini tub” more


“Excellent thực đơn of dessert . Their mango choices are fantastic. We ordered the durian pancakes” more


“Delicious . Nice service & quick food. Pho was great, egg rolls were crispy & hot và durian ice cream so so scrumptious.” more

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“simpler smoothies & ice beverages. I recommend everything! I"ve even had the durian! It just has” more

“durian, and jackfruit. I voiced my indecisiveness in narrowing 5 flavors khổng lồ 1. She then said something” more

“Best local Asian bakery, great pandan cake with durian filling. Credit thẻ accepted over $10” more

“Found a new spot khổng lồ make my wallet empty. The durian gelato is to lớn DIE FOR & worth the extra $0.75” more

“and banh mày are also pretty popular. I get anything with coconut or durian in it when I come here” more

“Seriously, why for the past 2 months or so, has this place smelled so bad? Is there secret durian” more

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"OG Mia ($6.25 for large) & Pandan/Durian Waffle: OG Mia is kumquat + sugarcane! Super refreshing và not suuuuper sweet. On the menu the waffles they offer are single flavor (Durian, Pandan, Taro) or all three in one. I don"t like Taro so we asked if we could only have Durian + Pandan & they let us. It was yummy! Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. There were little pieces of durian inside the waffle.The shop was busy. Guess it"s a popular place especially in Texas humid heat. It took 5-10 minutes for them to lớn prepare the waffle. Would recommend for a quick snack!"