Translucent, almost gelatinous cakes of sticky tapioca flour filled with sauteed whole shrimps & sliced fatty pork. Topped with scallions & crispy rendered pork fat & served with fish sauce.

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For filling

1/2 pound shrimp10 large shrimps (with heads)1/2 pound pork belly or pork back2 tablespoons vegetable oil1 tablespoon nouc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce)1 teaspoon salt1 tablespoon sugarPepper

For dough

30 ounces tapioca starchBoiling water

For topping

1/8 pound pork fat2 scallion stalks2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Make filling

Cut pork into small pieces that contain meat, fat, & skin. Mix aside.

Remove the small and large shrimp’s tails, legs & veins, but leave their peels intact. The shrimp’s peel adds to the dish’s flavor và texture. For the larger shrimps, vày not remove their heads. The shrimp heads contribute to the filling’s intense orangey color.

Sauté the pork in a medium saucepan on medium-high heat until just cooked. Add the shrimp (large & small) to the pork along with vegetable oil, fish sauce, salt, and sugar. Cook until all liquid has been absorbed. Lastly, địa chỉ a generous amount of pepper khổng lồ the filling.

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Make dough

Place the tapioca starch into a large mixing bowl. Add enough boiling water khổng lồ the starch to khung malleable dough. Start with half a cup of water and gradually add in a little more until dough is formed. Knead the dough for approximately five minutes or until the water & starch is combined. The dough should be smooth & pliable.

Assembling và cooking Banh Bot Loc


Using a small portion of the dough, khung a flat circle that is approximately 3″ in diameter và 1/8″ thick. Place one shrimp & one piece of pork in the center of the dough and fold in half. For the larger shrimps, cut into smaller pieces. Repeat with the remainder of the filling and dough.

Cook the banh bot loc in boiling water for 5-8 minutes or until translucent. Once the banh bot loc has been removed from the boiling water, place them immediately in a cold water bath for 3 minutes & then drain. Repeat until all banh bot loc has been cooked.

Make topping


Saute pork fat on high heat. After 15 minutes, crispy pork fat will khung within the liquid fat. Drain the liquid fat leaving only the crispy pork fat. Phối aside. Chop scallions into thin slices và sauté in vegetable oil. Add in crispy pork fat and combine. Spread the onion, oil, and crispy pork fat mixture atop the banh bot loc and serve immediately with fish sauce.