How to make chinese pan fried dumplings


Crispy and Delicious Chinese Pan Fried Dumplings

Affectionately known as Potstickers in the West and Guo Tie in the East, pan fried dumplings are crispy, juicy and flavorful.

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Pan fried dumplings recipes often include pork or prawns for filling & are rightly seasoned with ginger, salt và pepper. 

More than just a delicious snack, the Chinese culture & history behind the pan fried dumplings dates back khổng lồ the Eastern Han Dynasty where a famous physician specialising in traditional chinese medicine had cooked meat & some vegetables, shredded the filling và wrapped them in dough lớn serve people suffering from frostbite. These pan fried dumplings are a popular recipe in Chinese households during the New Year celebrations. 

How can we get these pan fried dumplings juicy on the inside và crispy on the outside? The trick is lớn pan fry the dumpling till it is golden, then steam it quickly with the right amount of water. Eat it hot with some ginger-soaked sauce made of soy sauce, black vinegar & sesame oil.


Frequently-Asked Questions About Pan Fried Dumplings 

A popular delicacy in Chinese cuisine, the pan fried dumplings recipe comes in many different variations. 


What fillings can I use for the pan fried dumplings? 

Most pan fried dumplings recipes use pork or prawns as filling but beef, chicken và vegetables are good options for fillings too. 


I am a vegetarian. How can I make a vegetarian version of the pan fried dumplings?

Instead of using pork or chicken for the filling, you can substitute it with your favourite vegetables that will fry well. Mushrooms, cabbage & tofu are perfectly good alternatives for this Pan Fried Dumplings recipe. 


What type of sauce can I use for my pan fried dumplings? 

These pan fried dumplings would go well with basic soy sauce, sesame oil or hot chili oil. Put a spin on the soy dipping sauce by adding freshly chopped ginger to lớn it. 


What serves well with these pan fried dumplings? 

The pan fried dumplings recipe is a traditional classic meal often found in Chinese cuisine.

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They can be enjoyed with noodles, rice or simply on their own as a snack. 


What should I vì chưng with the leftovers? 

Leftover pan fried dumplings can be added into a soup và enjoyed with some warm rice on those lazy weeknight dinners. 


I made too many dumplings. What vì chưng I vì with uncooked dumplings? 

Luckily, uncooked dumplings can be frozen and kept! Arrange your uncooked dumplings onto a tray và freeze them for frying later on when you are ready to have more of these juicy pan fried dumplings. 


Cooking Chinese Pan Fried Dumplings: Recipe Tips and Tricks 

The challenge in this recipe is in the pan frying technique. To achieve perfectly cooked, crispy và flavor-packed dumplings, pan fry them in a hot pan. When your pan is not hot enough, these dumplings tend to stick. 

Gather your primary ingredients for the filling: Combine your ground meat of choice (pork is a favourite), mushrooms, garlic chives, salt and pepper into a bowl and mix them together. Prepare the filling for your dumplings so that the folding and arranging of the dumplings will become a much more efficient process. 

Folding your dumplings: Choose a fold technique that works for you. You can either simply seal your dumplings or pleat them if you know how to. When sealing the dumplings, make sure that they are airtight so that your dumplings do not fall apart when placed in the pan to lớn fry. 

Test the heat of your pan: Before pan frying your dumplings, sprinkle a few water droplets onto your pan to chạy thử the heat of the pan. The pan is hot enough to fry your dumplings if your water droplet rolls around instead of splattering or bubbling.