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Dumplingsis a type of meat piewith a chewy, soft, slightly transparent trắng crust made from flour, dumplings, & tapioca flour. The package inside is a filling with a variety of ingredients that will bring a variety of rich flavors khổng lồ this cake including shrimp, meat or vegetables... The cake is cooked by steaming or frying very well. Delicious và has its own unique taste.

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Similar khổng lồ dumplings (or pillow cake) is also made up of 2 ingredients: the filling & the crust. The crust is made from flour, rice flour, baking powder, eggs and spices, the filling is also very diverse, can be minced meat, shrimp, mushrooms, or other vegetables. The feature that distinguishes dumpling from other cakes is the way of wrapping, wrong when the cake is folded in half to lớn cover the inside, the edge of the cake will be shaped very typical & impressive by slightly twisting the edge of the cake. To create a wavy border that feels like the two edges of the cake are knitting together.

Dumplingsare considered nutritionally balanced dishes because they contain all the necessary substances such as starch, protein, fat, vitamins and fiber.

Nowadays, it doesn't take much time lớn knead the dough, the cake package can still be enjoyed quickly at home thanks khổng lồ the convenient productsdumplings, frozen dumplingsjust fry or steam as you like, and you will have instant desserts. Delicious food lớn enjoy.

Benefits & uses of frozen dumplings & dumplings

Helps save time & effort in kneading cakes.

You can choose from a variety of delicious và unique flavors.

Long-term preservation, can be purchased ready lớn store when needed.

Provides nutrients and energy to the body.

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However, you also must not overdo these products because using too much can cause problems such as constipation, bloating and possibly weight gain.

Brands of dumpling, frozen dumpling on the market today

On the market, there are many types of dumpling with full flavors and different styles, including Korean dumpling (also known as Madu), Japanese dumpling (also known as Gyoza). Famous brands can be mentioned such as Mamafood dumpling, nhị Thanh dumpling or Bibigo dumpling,...

Notes và ways lớn preserve

When choosing lớn buy a product, it is necessary lớn carefully review the hàng hóa information lớn avoid buying products containing ingredients that the body is allergic khổng lồ or sensitive to.

Look carefully at the expiration date before buying, vì not buy expired products, vì not buy products near the expiration date because they will not be able khổng lồ be preserved for a long time.

On the product packaging, there are often specific instructions on the storage conditions of the product. Because it is frozen, these products need to lớn be preserved after purchase.

How to use dumpling, instant dumpling

On the packaging of these products, there are often instructions for simple cooking methods such as steaming or frying.Defrost the hàng hóa before processing, or put it in the refrigerator for 4 - 8 hours.

Finally, make dipping sauce, dumpling, & serve with some laksa leaves.


Where lớn buy unique dumplings? How much?

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