Oil free baked sweet potato fries


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These super easy crispy air fryer sweet potato wedges are the best healthy way khổng lồ enjoy sweet potatoes. Cooked completely in the air-fryer with no oil & only spices, salt and pepper. They get cooked khổng lồ crispy perfection & will be the snack or side dish everyone will want to dig into. Vegan và gluten free.

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Sweet potatoes are one of those foods that I always have in my pantry, whether they were on sale or I was gifted a large amount since everyone knows how much I just love them!

These healthy sweet potato wedges are a go-to side dish that I make a few times a week since they are super easy lớn make, are so freaking good, & my kids and my husband love them, which makes it simpler for me (the one who cooks for everyone, lol).

Every time I make them, which is a lot, I am amazed at how crispy they get with no oil at all. Now, I vì use a good unique olive oil spray but I have also made these without it and they were still incredibly good.

One of the best parts of this recipe is that you do not need khổng lồ pre-soak the potatoes in advance, which is a necessary step when cooking russet potatoes or other trắng potatoes. I have found that since sweet potatoes contain less starch, the soaking is not needed.

Why you will fall in love with this recipe

It requires only a few ingredients.Sweet potatoes are packed with flavor và are also super nutritious. The ingredients are very inexpensive and available at almost any grocery store around. It’s the best healthy way lớn enjoy fries! Yippee!!!

Ingredients needed to lớn make this recipe

Are you ready, it’s super simple.

Sweet potatoesSpices – I used chili powder, paprika, garlic powderSalt và pepper

How to Cut Sweet Potatoes Into Wedges

Scrub the potatoes really well & dry them with a clean kitchen towel.

How lớn Make air fryer Sweet Potato Wedges

Add the spices lớn a small bowl with some salt và pepper và mix them all up. Pour the spice mix onto the potatoes and toss them khổng lồ coat them all really well.
1. Showroom potatoes to lớn bowl
2. Season
3. Mix

4. Heat the air fryer lớn 390 degrees F, spray the basket with cooking spray to prevent sticking and toss in some of the potatoes in a single layer (you will need to bởi vì this in about 2 batches).

5. Close the basket and cook the potatoes for 15-20 minutes, tossing them by shaking the basket halfway through the cooking time (at around 8 minutes). Continue until you have cooked all of the potatoes.

Serve warm with your favorite ketchup or dipping sauce.

Look at how crispy the edges get, omg!

How Long khổng lồ cook sweet potato wedges in the air fryer

Okay, now this will depend on your preference (crispiness level) as well as the kind of air fryer you have.

I like my potatoes with crispy edges but still slightly soft so 390 degrees F for 15-20 minutes is perfect in my air fryer (I have this one – not an tiếp thị liên kết link).

If you prefer them super crispy & less soft then 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes will probably be your jam. Since air fryers vary, you really need to kiểm tra it out but I would start with 390 degrees và go from there.

How to pick the best potatoes for making potato wedges

Like I said, I make these a lot, that is an understatement actually, ha ha. All kidding aside, I have found that the best size is a relatively smaller, round, less long sweet potato.

The sweet potatoes that come in the steamer bag you can buy in the produce section of most grocery stores are my go-to since they are the perfect size and the ones I used in this recipe.

Longer potatoes will still work but I lượt thích my wedges to be the length of a regular french fry so the short ones are the best in my opinion.

Can you make this recipe with other types of potatoes?

Potatoes are kind of funny when it comes lớn each variety and how to get them crispy in an air fryer. For this recipe, there is no need to lớn soak the potatoes since sweet potatoes contain less starch & more sugar than white or even red potatoes. This makes it easier khổng lồ get them nice and crispy without a lot of oil or pre-soaking.

If you are making this recipe with white potatoes (preferably russet or Yukon gold) then you will need lớn cut the potatoes into wedges and soak them in cold water for at least 25 minutes before cooking them.

Make sure khổng lồ dry them on some clean paper towels then just follow this recipe to lớn make them in the air fryer. You may need lớn cook them a little bit shorter or longer depending on how thick or thin you cut them.

Recipe Tips

Select smaller, rounder, shorter sweet potatoes that are deeper orange in màu sắc with no đen on the skin. Scrub the potatoes really well before cutting them into wedges. I like to scrub them with a produce brush under warm running water, then dry them on a clean kitchen towel. I cut the potatoes into 1/4 inch thick wedges which was the perfect kích cỡ and thickness for yielding crispy edged fries. Cutting them thinner will get even crispier fries và likely will not need to lớn be cooked as long. Thicker wedges will need khổng lồ be cooked longer until desired crispiness is achieved. To store these potatoes, you can let them cool, place them into an airtight container in the refrigerator và preheat them in the air fry at 350 degrees F for 4-6 minutes when ready to eat.

What to serve with sweet potato wedges

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