Homemade salted duck or chicken eggs (dry method) 鹹蛋


Homemade Salted Eggs prepared using the brining method with chicken or duck eggs cured in a simple salt solution. Totally worth the wait!


Salted Eggs are preserved eggs soaked in brine or packed in a thick layer of salted charcoal paste. They are traditionally made with duck eggs for a richer taste and texture. The egg trắng has a sharp salty taste & the yolk is rich & fatty. They are often boiled and eaten as a condiment with congee or used as a flavoring khổng lồ other foods. Salted chicken eggs are lighter overall.

Salted Eggs Prepared Using Brining Method

Homemade salted eggs are usually prepared using the brining method with a simple salt solution. The curing process takes anywhere between 3 lớn 4 weeks depending on the size of the eggs & the thickness of their shells. When cured, the egg white is slightly cloudy but remains runny while the egg yolk turns a bright yellow-orange-red color and is firm. The yolks are prized by the Chinese & are used in glutinous rice dumplings & mooncakes to lớn symbolize the moon.

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Store Bought Salted Eggs

When I was growing up, store bought salted eggs came packed in crates filled with damp, salted charcoal. The grocer will pick out the number of eggs requested into a plastic bag. Each egg was packed with a thick layer of the salted charcoal that needed to be scraped off và rinsed before cooking. Salted eggs were very inexpensive & easily available. Hence, they were seldom made at trang chủ and as I recall, Mom only made them once. They were much less salty và really tasty.

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Using Chicken Eggs

Unfortunately, I had khổng lồ use chicken eggs as I could not find duck eggs. These were large eggs with thick shells & the curing process took 4 weeks. I suspect the brine was a little diluted with just ¾ cup kosher salt. I have adjusted the recipe below to 1 cup of kosher salt. At any rate, please bởi a readiness kiểm tra at the end of three weeks lớn avoid over curing. I also read that some Shao Hsing cooking wine can help khổng lồ produce a more brilliant colored yolk but I am not sure if that worked at all. Perhaps I should have used 2 tablespoons instead of one. Nevertheless, the eggs turned out well after 4 weeks và the saltiness was just about right. Vì chưng stay tuned for recipes using these salted eggs in the days ahead.


Tools Used in Making These Salted Eggs

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