Cod With Dried Fruit Recipe


For Japanese people, who have been eating fish & vegetables as staple food, fish is something familiar. Especially, dried fish is a typical family meal either now or then.

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We usually see dried fish at fish shops or supermarkets. However, in fact, we can simply make dried fish at home. Today we are going to tell you how lớn make overnight dried fish.

What are Needed


To make dried fish, first cut and xuất hiện the fish, và then salt it and dry. Various kinds of fish can be used including sardine, horse mackerel, flatfish và sea bream. This time we use an Atka mackerel.

We also need salt to lớn pickle the fish.

For more efficiency, it would be good if you have a fish scaler, Deba knife, bamboo strainer và drying basket.

How khổng lồ Make Dried Fish

Let’s get started. Choose as fresh fish as possible.

1. Scale the fish


First scale the fish. It can be done by using a knife, but using a fish scaler would be more efficient. If you are going to make dried fish very often in the future, you should get one.

2. Xuất hiện the fish


Make a cut in the fish to open it in half (Be careful not to lớn cut it fully with a sheet of skin left).

There are two ways to open fish – “back side opening” & “belly side opening”. Either would be fine, but let’s see advantages & disadvantages for each.

An advantage of back side opening is that the fish won’t bend or collapse when grilled và the final looks will be beautiful. However, we need khổng lồ cut the head in half, which is very hard.

On the other hand, for belly side opening, cutting starts from the jaw, which is easy to cut. However, it is difficult khổng lồ grill it while keeping the final looks beautiful.

Apart from above, there is no big difference. This time we will show you backside opening.

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Insert the knife along the back. It is important to do it carefully so that you won’t hurt the guts.


The head is hard, và be careful not lớn put too much strength. If the knife goes wrong, it may cause serious injuries. There is a spot in which you can easily put the knife in, so find the spot while sliding the edge of knife slowly.


When the fish is opened with a sheet of skin left uncut, it would be like above in the picture.

3. Remove the guts


Remove the guts & gills. Make sure to handle the guts carefully as bad smell will transfer from then guts if they get hurt. If you cut the fish with belly opening method, it will be lượt thích above.


4. Soak the fish in salt water


Put salt water in a big container lớn soak the fish. Although you can sprinkle the salt over the fish, soaking it in salt water will be easier lớn control saltiness and the salt will spread evenly.

The concentration of salt should be 3 khổng lồ 10%. Higher concentration can keep freshness of the fish longer, but the fish will be too salty, and vice versa.

For overnight dried fish, it will be enough soaking the fish for đôi mươi to 30 minutes.

5. Dry the fish


For drying the fish, it will be ideal doing it in a shadow on a sunny day. If ventilation is good, it will be done in an hour. It will take 5 khổng lồ 6 hours at most. It will be complete if the surface of fish does no longer stick lớn your finger when you touch it.


Using a drying basket would be convenient. It will protect the fish from flies và birds. A bamboo strainer, which has high anti-bacterial effects, is also recommended. Turn the fish upside down & repeat it several times lớn dry evenly.


When it gets moderately dry, it’s done. If it gets too dry, the texture will be not good when eaten. However, it can be preserved longer. You can adjust as you like.


Dried fish is originally valued as preserved food. In modern era, where refrigerators are commonly used & we don’t really need preserved food, recommended salt concentration and time for drying are around 3% và 2 to lớn 4 hours, respectively.

It should be eaten as soon as possible, but if not, it can be preserved in a freezer. Making of dried fish is more profound than expected as we need khổng lồ take trương mục into kinds of fish, concentration of salt, time for drying, etc. Let’s find your own recipe!