Homemade chicken jerky dog treats


If you"re looking for all natural dog treats that are easy lớn make at home, these chicken jerky dog treats are what you need lớn make!

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All Natural Homemade Dog Treats

If you’re wild about your dogs & want to lớn show them how much you love them, I promise your dogs will go wild for these homemade chicken jerky dog treats.

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While the process of dehydrating the chicken does take some time, this is a single ingredient recipe và is super easy to lớn do, whether you’re using a traditional oven or an air fryer oven. There’s also the added benefit of knowing exactly what is in the treats you are giving lớn your furry companions, or more specifically knowing what is NOT in these dog treats – no preservatives, dyes or other unpronounceable ingredients. You can add these treats to lớn other homemade dog treat recipes like my Sweet Potato và Apple Dog Treat Twists, the No Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Puppy Treats và my Blueberry Pup Muffins to lớn keep your pups happy all the time.

How to lớn make Chicken Jerky

The first step to lớn making these chicken jerky dog treats is to freeze a chicken breast (or two) for just a couple of hours. This makes the chicken firm enough khổng lồ slice into very thin slices, which is key. Of course, this is your opportunity lớn choose the chất lượng of the chicken you are feeding to your pooches – organic, free-range, etc… 

Oven vs Air Fryer 

You could make these treats in either your oven or your air fryer, but either way, make sure you lightly oil the mesh basket or rack that you are using. I give the rack a spritz with oil in the sink so that any extra oil is easy to clean up.

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Then, spread your chicken strips out on the rack or basket with no over-lapping. 

Time & Temperature for Chicken Jerky

Making these dog treats in your air fryer will save you a little time. The hot air blown around in the air fryer helps khổng lồ dehydrate the chicken. Use a setting of 220˚F for 1½ hours. Then, flip them over và air-fry at 220˚F for another 30 lớn 45 minutes, depending on how thick you sliced the chicken. 

In the oven, use a temperature of 200˚F và let the chicken bake low and slow for 2 hours. Then, flip the pieces over & bake for another 45 minutes. When finished, the chicken strips should be completely void of moisture & crispy. 

How lớn Store Chicken Jerky

When it comes storing these tasty treats, I suggest choosing a place away from Golden Retrievers! Keep them in an airtight container or storage bag – there’s no need to lớn refrigerate them because the dehydration process has removed the moisture và preserved the chicken. There’s no real expiration date on these treats. Just know that they won’t last too long – at least they don’t in my house!