Dog and cat treats chicken breast jerky


The best treats for cats & dogs are those that are tasty, natural, và made with love. Therefore, I am going to nội dung with you my recipe for homemade jerky treats.

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In this guide, you will learn how lớn make jerky treats for dogs & cats in the oven or in a food dehydrator.



Making treats at trang chủ is more eco-friendly and economical than buying ready-made ones. Why? Doing it at home requires less energy & resources. You can go shopping for meat only once, then put homemade treats in a reusable container – there is no need khổng lồ produce packaging and multi-stage transport. Additionally, you can buy meat from a local farmer to tư vấn the local market.

What you needed lớn make these jerky treats for dogs and cats

It is up to you what the treats are made of – you have full control over the quality of the ingredients. If you want to lớn feed your pet with high-quality products – this is the perfect way to vị so.

How much raw meat you need for jerky treats

During drying, the meat loses about 70% of its original weight – almost all the water. That means 300 grams of raw meat will give you about 100 grams of jerky treats.

I usually prepare 300-400 grams of meat và this is the ideal amount for my food dehydrator.

What kind of meat is the best for jerky treats

You can use any type of meat, but it is important that it islean. Fat don’t dry out very well và become rancid, which can spoil the treats faster.

My favorite meat for there treats aturkey breastandchicken breast.

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Pork & wild boar may contain the SHV-1 virus, which causes Aujeszky’s disease (also known as pseudorabies) in cats. The virut kills at high temperatures, but the temperature of drying the meat at trang chủ may turn out to be too low. So if you prefer to lớn keep your mèo safe, use other types of meat khổng lồ make your treats.

What is better: a food dehydratoror oven

The drying time is similar in both devices, but the cost of use differs dramatically. At the end of this article, you will find a detailed calculation of the total cost of producing your treats on both devices.

Personally, I prefer khổng lồ use a food dehydrator because it is easier to control the degree of drying of the meat và it uses less electricity #eco-lifestye.

Step by step instruction

The process of preparing treats is very simple but requires the use of sharp and hot objects. If you are a minor, please ask an adult for help.

Step 1– Cut the meat

Rinse the meat under running water and dry it.Optional: Put the meat in the freezer for about 30 minutes – this will make cutting easier.Cut the meat into 1-2 cm slices across the grain. The thinner you make the slices, the faster they will dry.Cut off any fat.

Place the meat slices in the food dehydrator so that they bởi vì not cảm ứng each other.Start the food dehydrator & turn the meat over from time khổng lồ time khổng lồ let it dry evenly.It takes4-5 hours todry the meat in the food dehydrator.
Place the meat slices on the wire rack so that they bởi not cảm ứng each other.Optional: to lớn dry even more meat at once, you can use the skewer sticks: nail the meat onto the skewers so that they vì not touch each other and hang the skewers on the wire rack.Set the temperature to60°Cin the oven and turn on hot air.Turn the meat from time to time lớn allow it khổng lồ dry evenly.It takes4-5 hours todry the meat in the oven.

Put thefinished treatsin an airtight container,e.g. A jar. Jerky that is well dried & stored in an airtight container can last forseveral weeks.

PS. If you like my treat container, then stay tuned! I am working on the how-to guide about it