Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake

Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake is one of the most favorite traditional sweet cakes for its amazing taste. The cake is smelling, crispy, light sweet & a little greasy. Originated in Vietnam’s countryside, the cake has cheap và popular ingredients and simple recipe. Main ingredient is banana and wheat flour, rice flour. Honey, egg, butter, wine, sugar and salt are optional. After peeled banana is dipped into the batter made from wheat flour, it is deep-fried in oil until the cake turns crispy và yellow. It’s better eaten right after frying, dinners can enjoy its crispy wrapper & soft, sweet banana. It has been said that there’s no food better Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake on rainy days. In the past, women in families usually cook this cake when they are không tính tiền and there are some ripen bunches of bananas in their garden. Children sit around the charcoal oven và wait for ready cakes. This may be one of the most beautiful moments in life of Vietnamese people. In recent days, Fried Banana Cakes are sold popularly by street vendors who cook right on the streets.

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Crispy sweet Fried Banana Cake attracts many generations in Vietnam

Here are simple recipe to make Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake:

– Vietnamese bot banana: 6

– Rice flour: 200g

– Wheat flour: 100g

– Coconut cream: 250ml

– Water: 170ml

– Lemon juice: 1 coffee spoon

– Salt: 50% coffee spoon

– Sugar: 30g


Ingredients to make Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake

– Step 1: Peel banana, cut it vertically into 2 pieces, put each piece into a plastic bag & use a knife or chopping board press onto the banana piece so that it turns twice as thin as original one.

– Step 2: khổng lồ make batter, mix well rice flour, wheat flour, coconut cream, water, lemon juice, salt, sugar in a big bowl.

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– Step 3: Dip banana piece into batter so that batter cover the piece, put it into boiling oil as fast as possible.

– Step 4: Deep-fry until the cake turn crispy, smelling & yellow; get ready cake out of oil và put it on oil absorbent paper before serving.