How to make doremon donuts (dorayaki cake) with convenient mixes

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If you have a sweet spot for donuts, you must try these heavenly Matcha Donuts covered with a semi-sweet chocolate glaze! Sprinkles are optional, but they make the kids smile. These donuts are baked, so you can have more than one without guilt. 


Have you seen or tasted Matcha Donuts (抹茶ドーナツ) before? They are actually pretty popular in Japan. From matcha latte, và matcha tiramisu, to lớn green tea KitKat and Pocky, the Japanese like to make sweets & desserts with matcha (green tea powder).

Well, I’m definitely not an exception; I’ve made cookies, ice cream, Crème Brûlée, và steamed cake with matcha on Just One Cookbook so far. And guess what, there will be more green tea dessert recipes coming up soon (call me matcha lady!).


We only eat donuts once in a while, lượt thích when there is a fundraising bake sale at my children’s school. We like good donuts but we haven’t quite found one that we love around where we live. In Japan, we love it when seasonal matcha donuts are available at Mr. Donuts!

I bought my donut pan a few months ago thinking that baked donuts are an easier alternative lớn make at home. Since there is no deep-frying, they are a little healthier too. Have you had baked donuts? They are pretty awesome! I actually didn’t think it was going khổng lồ be so easy to lớn make; otherwise, I would have tried baking these a long time ago.


Baked Donuts vs. Deep Fried Donuts

Since some of you might have not tried “baked” donuts yet, I thought I should quickly compare how different they are.

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First of all, baked donuts will NOT taste the same as donuts right out of the deep fryer. Like how deep-fried fries are different from baked fries… but they are both good in their own ways.

The texture is more cake-like and moist. And you can skip the chocolate glaze if you prefer less sweet. I’m happy with just plain matcha donuts. Of course, my children have to have chocolate on theirs!

We needed khổng lồ buy a donut pan (about $10) to lớn make these donuts, but I think it’s a good small investment. Compared to fried donuts, it’s much easier và quicker khổng lồ make baked donuts, not lớn mention they are fewer calories! The recipe is for 6 donuts so don’t worry about over-consuming! You can double or triple the amount you want to prepare easily with this recipe.


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