Sweet Potato Baked Sweet Potato Donuts (Easy

I just finished making these and they turned out amazing. I added cinnamon because I didn’t have nutmeg and they had a lovely flavor. I would have never thought khổng lồ use sweet potatoes in doughnuts. They were fluffy & melted in my mouth. It makes a nice yeast dough which I used half of for doughnuts and half of khổng lồ make dinner rolls. I rolled the dough into balls và baked them in the oven at 375. They reminded me of getting rolls at places lượt thích Texas Road House or Lonestar with the honey cinnamon butter except the cinnamon is baked inside the bread. Great recipe.

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One of my favorite memories of growing up was Saturday Doughnuts. My dad (who is a doctor, ironically) always treated us to lớn doughnuts on Saturdays. He would run và get them from the local bakery on Saturday morning, and by the time my sisters & I made our way upstairs for breakfast (around noon or so), our doughnuts would be waiting for us on the counter.

Not just any doughnuts, mind you. This tradition was so systematized that my dad would come lớn our rooms on Friday nights và take our “doughnut orders” for the following morning. We could choose between glazed, chocolate raised, cake, bismarck (blueberry or raspberry), táo fritter, & just about anything else that we might want from the bakery. I think I even ordered a bagel once. Emphasis on the once.

I have distinct memories of learning how to perfectly warm a chocolate raised donut in the microwave, so that the chocolate was just starting khổng lồ run down the sides a little, và the dough was fluffy and soft & wonderful.

I also have memories of tears shed over stolen donuts. I still hold the belief that the early bird should get the worm, even if it was your sister’s bismarck.

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Making doughnuts seems a bit intimidating, although I have made my own mini donuts before using this đáng yêu little Mini Donut Pan (affiliate link).

But I was bound and determined on this day khổng lồ make my own real donuts. & when I saw this recipe for sweet potato doughnuts… well, let’s just say I’ve had it bookmarked for several months.

Making my own doughnuts (the real fried kind) was a bit more work than I was anticipating. There are essentially three phases to the process, và I am more of a one-phase kind of a girl. But I stuck with it and we ended up with a big mess in the kitchen và these beautiful, delicious doughnuts.

Nevermind that they weren’t done in time for breakfast, or lunch. A freshly fried, warm glazed doughtnut makes a perfect late-afternoon snack.

Or go for two & call it dinner. Not that we did that…

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