Can babies eat donuts


Ah, donuts. A delight, however they come. From fair grounds to vans dotted about đô thị centres, from my early memories of McDonalds cinnamon ring donuts to lớn the later discovery of the absurdly hedonistic Krispy Kremes; deep fried or baked – there is a place in my life for all forms of this sweet treat.

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As much as I adore the full fat, deep fried versions you can buy cooked lớn order as you want them, deep frying is something I have only done three or four times in my whole life và I would want a crowd around me if I were to lớn deep fry my own so that the pillows from heaven can go straight from oil to lớn sugar to rack for the briefest moment to lớn hungry, salivating mouthes whilst still warm.

A donut buổi tiệc ngọt is a happy thought is it not? Until then, these baby baked ring donuts will more than do.


The inspiration for this recipe came from first spotting this post about how to lớn make your own pumpkin pie spice. I love Selma’s blog – it is beautifully shot & lovely to lớn read. Well worth a follow. Now being English, pumpkin pie is not part of our baking tradition and I will hesitantly admit I’m not keen on the idea of the pie (it’s a textural thing) but the spice, oh yes please – gimme all that glorious spice.

Selma changed clove for cardamom và I am quite sure they are many more blends khổng lồ chose from either store bought or homemade so use whichever you like best. I grind my own spices for lots of things và find pre-roasting them gently before grinding gives the best flavour. Here’s my version of her spice mix:


Next up in the inspiration stakes was the mini donut mould I bought at a food show last year from the lovely Jemma of Iced Jems – I got to meet the lass herself and she is lovely and adorable. I highly recommend her shop and blog (how fantastic that she uses her own cửa hàng products to create recipes for us to lớn try?) – do kiểm tra her out here. I wish I’d bought two lớn make this a quicker process but I give you instructions on how to lớn bake these donuts using only one in the recipe.

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To ensure a moist little mouthful, I used sour cream and some rapeseed oil in the batter, reserving the melted butter to lớn brush on the freshly baked donuts so you get all the texture & all the flavour you possibly can. There are a lot of mini donut moulds out there on the market và mine are a silicone mould measuring 6cm across each donut. The only important thing khổng lồ remember when you make yours, no matter the size, vị not overfill with batter. Fill khổng lồ no more than half full & the batter will rise without overhang & without losing the characteristic hole of a ring donut.

You can vày it by spooning but it’s much more fiddly – a piping bag with the kết thúc snipped off, no need for fancy nozzles, is the way to lớn go. If you can’t get or don’t want to make your own pumpkin pie spice blend, know that ground cinnamon is a great alternative(I am obsessed with cinnamon so of course, I would say that – see my homemade Cinnabons for further evidence) or if you like, ground cardamom even a chai latte spice blend would be in the same flavour family.

Whatever you choose, just get on và whip up this super easy, crowd-pleasing recipe – deep fat fryers, your name is not on the list, you’re not coming in.