Pork spring rolls

You know what Asian restaurants are really good at making? Two things--Asian food and doughnuts. Here in Texas (and back in California) we have real doughnut shops on every corner. So I"ve grown lớn be picky, & these absolutely bởi not compare khổng lồ grocery store doughnuts! and the Asian food...MAN vì chưng they make some good fried rice, egg drop soup, crab rangoons, và pork spring rolls!


There"s a lot of food that I love to fry, và I feel like I fry more food than most. People complain of it stinking up their house, but I"ve never really understood that. Who doesn"t love fried food smell? Guys! xuất hiện a window và it goes away in an hour! If you vì chưng it right, the food doesn"t soak up that much oil, and even if it does, use healthy oil (avocado, canola) và it"s not a big deal. So, lớn fry correctly, the oil has lớn be HOT. If it"s not hot enough, the food has to sit in there longer và that"s when it soaks up too much oil. The temperature will lower after the food is added, so keep it HOT.

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Spring Roll Wrappers

I knew I wanted to try frying my own spring rolls at home, I just needed to lớn find the right wrapper.

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I didn"t want egg roll wrappers, I wanted the shatteringly-thin crisp spring roll dough. This took some time and lots of research, but I FOUND IT--at a specialty Asian grocery store: frozen spring roll pastry sheets. Then I actually picked up quite a few other items that normal grocery stores don"t carry, so it was a win-win.

The filling in these pork spring rolls is really simple. I tried umami paste for the first time, and it is just what it sounds like--an intangible depth of flavor that is just delicious. Umami paste is a combination of ingredients that are high in glutamates like anchovies, olives, tomato paste, parmesan. As long as you địa chỉ cửa hàng just the right amount, it adds a depth of flavor than enhances what"s already in there. I promise your dish won"t taste like any of the ingredients! The veggies have some bite, the juicy pork gives great flavor, & there"s plenty of garlic and ginger to lớn go around. You could easily make these vegetarian, or throw in some different veggies, it"s really difficult khổng lồ mess these up.

I love sweet chili sauce as a dip for spring rolls. Also try soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, whatever suits your fancy. Finally, whip up a batch of egg drop soup và have some homemade takeout!