Vanilla honey buttercream frosting


Healthy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting that is low-sugar, all-natural, vegan and dairy-free options. Made with only 5 basic ingredients and easy, delicious low-sugar vanilla frosting.

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After our little adventure into low-sugar, healthy vanilla buttercream frosting smothered on vị trí cao nhất of fresh cinnamon breakfast bars, it’s time to bring this healthy buttercream frosting khổng lồ the forefront. It deserves its very own spotlight for a day.

Healthy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting – does that sound lượt thích an oxymoron?

Regardless, healthy buttercream frosting belongs on everything. (This is my official foodie opinion.)

Chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, và cinnamon rolls all have something in common: Frosting is divine on them all. Why is that?

It’s because it’s buttercream frosting – duhhhhhh.

Today, I’m going to lớn teach you how to lớn make low-sugar buttercream frosting. It is possible to vày without using any low-cal sweetener.

Right about now, you are saying, “Tell me more, Lindsay!”, aren’t you?

Alright, alright. So I apologize if I repeat myself from the recent post. (I repeat myself all the time in real life.) Here it goes though, two simple words that are the super duper secret lớn this frosting: Potato. Starch.

Say whatttttttt. Trust me.

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Potato starch is my absolute favorite ingredient. Much like frosting, it goes well with just about everything.

Not so much in cookies, but more so in soups, dips, & anything that needs some thickening action.

Using less powdered sugar would result in a watery, extremely buttery frosting. If that is your sort of thing, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, you have two options: add more powdered sugar (boo) or địa chỉ potato starch.

Adding potato starch allows you to keep the frosting on the low-sugar spectrum, avoiding a total sugar-rush. I vày not need extra sugar in my life; I am already wired to begin with.

Sugar-rushes are great for 30 minutes, then it’s nap time.



This thick puffy frosting will thicken & harden just lượt thích normal frosting. It goes great on cakes, cookies, or whatever your heart desires. Like say, goes great simply on a spoon?

If instead your heart pulls you in the direction of frosted cookies, no worries. Something is coming your way soon lớn satisfy those cravings.

If there is one thing we must ask ourselves after all of this, it is,

“Can we just eat frosting with a spoon?” Yes, yes we can. Come join me.