Spring Rolls Taro Spring Rolls Recipe

You haven’t had a Vegetarian Spring Roll until you’ve tried our homemade cha Gio Chay! They’re wrapped using fresh ingredients including taro và cabbage for a deliciously nutty & sweet filling that you won’t find in stores. They freeze exceptionally well, so make it in bulk for those weekday or weekend cravings!


The perfect party appetizer

If you grew up in a Vietnamese household & your family ever threw any parties, chances are you’ve had lớn take part in what I like to điện thoại tư vấn ‘the spring roll circle’.

I remember being tasked with peeling apart each wrapper while the Mums và Grandmas sat around the table rolling their phụ vương Gio.

These memories are so vivid because it was a time when little ol’ me witnessed all the women of each family laughing & chatting away lượt thích there wasn’t a care in the world.

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It was moments lượt thích those that made me grow up believing in the magic of cooking. Whether it’s a joint effort making a huge pot of Hủ Tiếu phái mạnh Vang or preparing all the fresh herbs for Gỏi Cuốn, food brings everyone together in ways that nothing else can.

And when that food is thân phụ Gio Chay, you have every reason to lớn be excited. Once they come out of the fryer, that golden skin is shatteringly crisp.

With our homemade version, the filling is lightly seasoned so you can appreciate the deeply nutty flavors singing from the taro.

But the best part is enjoying it with Bún thịt Nướng (or its vegetarian equivalent) with all your family và friends gathered around the table!

Deep fry VS shallow fry

This is one of those dilemmas that gets both my parents on opposite sides. Mum’s a firm believer in shallow frying while Dad prefers the traditional deep frying method. Here are their arguments:

Shallow fry

With this method, the oil comes lớn about halfway up the depth of the food being cooked. The food itself is still touching the base of the pan or wok.

Mum says by doing this, you can control the evenness of the cooking. Lớn her, you can rotate it to lớn ensure an even golden color on all parts of the spring roll.

Deep fry

Using this method means there is enough oil that the food is floating as it cooks. You will often need a deep pan or wok khổng lồ hold everything.

The great thing about deep frying is that you can create a crispy exterior while keeping the moisture locked in the filling.

Both methods will yield a delicious spring roll that’s perfect for having with fresh salad and dipped in Vietnamese Dipping Sauce (Nước Mắm)!


Why this recipe works

Using a variety of vegetables means you have incredible texture & flavors.Premade spring roll wrappers keeps this recipe fuss-free.Thin strips of taro gives the spring roll a delicious nutty và creamy taste.Potato starch helps to thicken any moisture, which prevents the wrapper from breaking.

What you’ll need

For the rolls

About the ingredients

All the ingredients can be substituted for your favorites, so long as they’re all cut into thin strips. Other options include steamed mung beans, onions, corn, tofu & spring onions.

The wrappers can be found in smaller squares or larger ones, so it will depend on the kích thước that you’re after.

For the seasoning

About the seasoning

Our family has kept the seasoning simple và minimal, but some vegetarian spring roll recipes also use vegetarian fish sauce for that extra flavor. If you’d like to use that, you can find them in Asian supermarkets or specialty Asian vegetarian shops.

How khổng lồ make this recipe

Making the filling


Julienne the carrots, taro, cabbage & jicama, then put into a large mixing bowl.

Squeeze the water out of the green bean threads, woodear mushrooms and sliced shiitake mushrooms before adding it into the bowl along with the pepper, salt, sugar & vegetable stock powder.


Mix all the ingredients together before adding 2 tbsp oil & 2 tbsp potato starch and stirring it in.

How khổng lồ roll a spring roll


On a plate, lay the spring roll wrapper in a kim cương shape & place roughly 1 tbsp filling in the middle, closer to the bottom.

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Note: If you’re using larger wraps, add more filling to lớn preference.


Bring the bottom corner up và wrap it tightly over the filling. To lớn tighten it even more, pull the wrapped filling toward you.


Fold both the left & right sides in until it reaches the filling on either side.


Tightly roll upward.


Mix the potato starch và water for the starch slurry until well combined và wet your finger with it, then wet the đứng đầu wrapper corner with some.


Roll the thân phụ Gio Chay all the way until completely sealed.

Frying the spring rolls


Bring a wok or pan of oil to lớn medium heat (just enough for wooden chopsticks to start bubbling when placed in the oil) & gently lower each spring roll in, cooking a few at a time.


Let them cook for roughly 3-4 minutes each or until golden all around, placing each cooked one on a plate lined with paper towels or in a metal colander.

Serve fresh as is!

Recipe FAQs

Can I use rice paper instead of spring roll wrappers?

Yes, indeed! Make sure they are slightly damp first. You can also follow the video from Marion’s Kitchen on how to vì it without any exploding as you cook.

Can I bake these vegetarian spring rolls instead?

You sure can! Make sure to lớn spray them with oil, then line them in on a metal rack on đứng top of a tray that is oven-safe. Doing so will help any moisture drip away and prevent a soggy Chay Gio Chay.

Tips for the crispiest results

Use ingredients with less moisture. This will prevent the cha Gio Chay wrapper from getting soggy & breaking when frying.Freeze them before frying. Even just 15 minutes in the freezer will help them keep their shape, which means they won’t burst xuất hiện as you fry.

Enjoy more party-worthy apptizers!

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