Fish cakes (eomuk) recipe by maangchi

Stop buying và make your Korean Fish Cake. This recipe yields a chewy fish cake và it is simple khổng lồ make, cheap ingredients, và so good.

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Korean Fish Cake

When I was in the Philippines, I loved eating fish cakes sold in street carts in our school. These food stalls cater khổng lồ Korean students who love them, và it did not take long that I got curious & loved it.

I made this lot when I was a young mom feeding them khổng lồ my kids, who love its springy texture. They eat this for snacks.

Grocery stores here in my thành phố don’t carry fish cake, so I buy it in bulk -frozen. Still, I ran out, so I made a large batch just in case an urge for it arose. You can freeze it, so it never goes to waste.

Making this is seriously very easy. If you don’t have a processor, you can ground the meat using a blender or pound it with a knife.

Korean Fish Cake: Authentic Asian Recipe

Korean Fish Cake is a traditional Korean food that has been around for hundreds of years. It’s the most common type of fish cake in Korea. Korean Fish Cake has been eaten for more than 400 years in Korea for its nutritional value. It is frequently sold as popular street food at street stalls or convenience stores as well as in most supermarkets.

Korean Fish Cake: A perfect side dish

Korean fish cakes are a delicious snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. The texture is soft và chewy, so they are perfect for eating while walking around town. Fish cakes are often served with a variety of dipping sauces & side dishes lượt thích kimchi, radish salad, or dried shredded squid.


Why is Korean Fish Cake loved so much?

It is of high nutritional value. It is inexpensive. It is quick lớn make. Korean Fish Cake is among excellent side dishes or snacks.

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These are a few reasons that make Korean Fish Cake a highly loved snack!

What Korean Fish Cake Looks like and is Made of

This authentic Asian dish is easily made at trang chủ and looks really appealing. It is made from a mixture of starch, water, groundfish, & other ingredients. The sản phẩm can be boiled or fried & has a quality flavor và taste that Koreans love. This cake is made from inexpensive ingredients and tastes very delicious! That is why fish cakes are used as a complementary dish in many restaurants. However, you can also make it effortlessly và quickly at your home as well!

 Fish Cakes usually come in a rectangular shape, but you can also shape them any way you want! We are going to nói qua all the equipment, ingredients, và instructions that you require! 



We vày not need any high-tech equipment for this recipe. All we need is three of your regular kitchen products. These include:

  A Food Processor

A Nonstick pan A Flat spoon A small bowl


● 50% lb Cod Fillet & clean. (Make sure that there are no bones. Thinly Slice into bite-sized pieces.)● 50% lb Shrimp (Deveined and cleaned và sliced into bite-size pieces.)● 50% lb Squid (Remove the gut, remove the skin, và cut into bite-size pieces.)● 1 tablespoon Garlic (minced)● 1/4 cup onion (chopped)● 1 teaspoon Sugar● 1 teaspoon salt● 1/4 teaspoon trắng ground pepper● 1/4 cup All-purpose Flour● 1/4 cup Corn Starch● 2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil● 1 large Egg White


How lớn Cook:

Put the fish, shrimp, và squid in the food processor. địa chỉ the rest of the ingredients và all the vegetables to lớn the food processor. Process until it forms into a fish paste. Transfer this fish paste into a mixing bowl & prepare for cooking. Heat two cups of cooking oil in a pan.  Brush a flat spoon with oil & spread the fish cake mixture on this lubricated spoon. Now, push this paste on the spoon using a knife or spatula to form into a log, then drop khổng lồ the hot vegetable oil.  Stir Fry on medium-high heat for at least 5 minutes or until golden brown.  Repeat the process on the other side. Lastly, drain excess oil using a paper towel. You can serve it with a sauce of your choice! It also goes well with boiled rice!



Clean the seafood. There are no bones in the fish, no shells in the shrimp, & the squid is clean. Slice them into bite-sized pieces và put them in the processor.

Add the rest of the ingredients và blend until pasty.

Heat two cups of cooking oil. Brush a flat spoon with oil, spread the fish cake mixture, push using a knife or spatula, & drop to lớn the hot oil. Fry until golden brown. Drain excess fat using a paper towel.

A few Instructions to lớn follow:

Another alternative method for cooking Korean Fish Cake is lớn instead of making it a stir-fried dish you can also boil the fish. Make sure the fish is boneless & completely skinless. This will preserve the nutrients and save you from extra calories if you are on a diet!

You can use the seasonings in accordance with your liking; you can make it spicy or non-spicy!

 Where can I buy these ingredients?

If you live in the US, UK, or any other country, you can find these ingredients in any Asian supermarket. In Asia, any Asian grocery store or Korean grocery store will have these ingredients. However, if you vì chưng not lượt thích going grocery shopping, you can purchase all these ingredients from eBay or Amazon. Furthermore, all the ingredients used khổng lồ make this Korean Fish Cake are readily available và totally inexpensive.

 What is the nutritional value of Fish Cakes?

Like other Korean dishes, this Fish cake is also highly nutritional. Korean foods are usually cooked with simplicity to preserve the nutritional goodness of all the ingredients used. This recipe can be extremely healthy if you use high-quality fish meat. Moreover, a few things khổng lồ take care of while following this recipe are:

vày not use overused oil. Vì chưng not fry in oil for too long. Vày not use a lot of fillers. Do not use low-quality fish.

 Taking care of all the above points will increase the nutritional value of Fish Cakes and lower the calories. If you are concerned with the calories, another excellent tip for you is khổng lồ boil the fish instead of frying it. This will enhance the health nutrition value và will lower the calories!

  Can I store Fish Cakes, và for how long?

Yes, you can store this dish in the fridge for up to lớn five days. 

Put the Korean Fish Cake in an air-tight container and then store it in the freezer section.

However, the tastes may fade as time passes. Therefore, it is always the practice to freshly cook it every time you crave it!


I guess taste is subjective, and what makes an excellent snack for one person won’t work for another. However, the Korean Fish Cakes are one of the most loved seafood snacks amongst Koreans và non-Koreans as well. There are many ways lớn prepare Fish Cakes, & it can be hard lớn know what will work best for your family. We’ve provided you with some simple guidelines that should help make preparing fish cake effortless in this article. We hope these tips have been helpful! If there is anything else we can vày for you, please leave us a phản hồi below or visit our trang web today. It will be fun khổng lồ hear what you think of this recipe!


Korean fish cake can be frozen. Just let it cool down after deep frying & put in a ziplock.It lasts for a long time. You can store it the freeze it for six months. Just thaw it & fry again when it’s ready khổng lồ eat.


You can eat it by itself, dip it with ketchup, or add it khổng lồ your soup và vegetables. I love eating it with rice.

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