Sardine fish cakes with quick dill & mustard sauce

Love Canned Sardines? This delicious canned sardine recipe uses chili-infused sardines lớn make mini Sardine Fish Cakes! Serve them with a Spicy Yogurt Sauce as Tapas or Hors D’Oeuvres.

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Canned Sardine Recipe: Mini Fish Cakes

About a year ago, I discovered a quirky little tapas restaurant downtown.

To get inside, I wandered down an indoor staircase, past the loud furniture upholstery và dimly lit chandeliers, following the smell of something delicious.

That night, as I shared tiny plates of very fancy food with friends, & one dish in particular surprised me.

As we passed food from person to person, I took a bite of some tiny fish cakes, expecting them khổng lồ be familiar & mild.

Instead, I bit into a spicy flavor celebration!

Those cakes stayed in my mind, & months và months later, when I saw tins of spicy chili-oil sardines, I knew exactly what I wanted to vì chưng with them.

These mini Sardine Fish Cakes are perfect as a party appetizer, or as a tapas dish shared with friends.

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King Oscar Spanish Style Sardines

Why Eat Sardines?

Have you tried sardines yet? If you haven’t– you should! Why? For one thing, it’s easy lớn find sustainably sourced sardines, and they’re on the Marine Stewardship Council’s list of “Fish lớn Eat.”

Plus, unlike tuna, sardines have incredibly low levels of mercury! In other words, choosing lớn eat sardines is a healthy choice for both the environment & for you!

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One of my favorite things about sardines, though, is that they can make cooking easier.

Browse through the canned sardine section at your local grocery store, & you’ll realize something amazing– Canned sardines come packed in infused oils & sauces!

And that, my friends, means there is LESS WORK for you while cooking!

Now, quite honestly– I don’t always recommend fish that comes canned in flavoring or sauces.

Why not?

Because I haven’t always been impressed with the quality of the fish. Recently though, I tried some sardines that changed my mind.

The flavor-packed sardines that won me over are fromKing Oscar. Their Spanish Style Sardines are packed in olive oil và chili pepper, và they are INCREDIBLE.

As soon as I opened the first can, I was impressed with the plump, shiny fish and the flavor of the chili-infused oil.

One bite, & I was sold! These fish are delicious, high-quality, & just a little spicy!

Mix Ingredients Together with a Fork

How to lớn Make Fish Cakes Without Mayonnaise

One thing always holds me back from making fish cakes– normally they use an INCREDIBLE amount of mayonnaise.

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Or at least, it seems like a lot khổng lồ me, because I rarely use mayo in anything.

I decided khổng lồ see if I could swap out the mayo for yogurt– và it was DELICIOUS.

At first, I was worried that skipping the mayonnaise would give me dry fish cakes.

Then I remembered that I was using an oily fish that had been packed in more oil, and was fairly sure it would work. I tried out a few variations of this recipe, and this one is my favorite!

Scoop fish cake ingredients out, and shape by hand into small patties.

How lớn Make Sardine Fish Cakes

First of all, for this delicious canned sardine recipe you need two cans of chili oil-infused sardines. Remove the sardines from the cans, reserving the oil and discarding the chili peppers.

Add the sardines to lớn a mixing bowl, along with two tablespoons of the reserved oil. Add the Old bay seasoning, along with rest of the fish cake ingredients, & gently phối everything together with a fork.

Next, scoop out small balls of the batter. (I tried this with two different small scoops– one1 tablespoon scoop and also a 1 ½ tablespoon scoop– both worked, they just gave me slightly different form size patties.)

Press the cakes into disks about two inches across, và chill them for a half hour. While the cakes chill, phối together the ingredients for the sauce, and set the sauce in the fridge khổng lồ chill.

Next, broil the cakes for about five minutes per side. Make sure lớn use an oven-safe container with raised edges– a baking sheet, a cast iron skillet, a casserole dish– any of those will work.

As you broil the cakes, oil from within the cakes will drain out, & the fish cakes will fry in the pan.

Note: I tried this recipe with less added oil, and the cakes tasted dry inside. Make sure to địa chỉ the full two tablespoons.

Once the cakes finish cooking, remove them from the pan, and serve them while they’re still warm along with the spicy yogurt sauce.

Enjoy these along with other small plates (like loaded crab fries, mini shrimp tacos, and of course– a cocktail or two), or serve them at your next dinner tiệc ngọt for a tiny, but flavorful, appetizer!

How khổng lồ Eliminate Fish Smells

Since these fish cakes are buổi tiệc ngọt food, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll have guests over while cooking or immediately after, and don’t want ANY fishy smells.

Simply clean up immediately!

Rinse the sardine cans out as soon as you’re done with them, và throw them away. Make sure to clean off the pan you used khổng lồ broil the fish as soon as it cools down.