French cake salé: the savory cake recipe

Here’s the low down about salty cake, a popular French appetizer you can make out of almost anything including leftovers. I’ve also included the base recipe & some ideas to lớn inspire your next creation.

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Cake salé: The Basics about savoury French cake!


How to lớn pronounce cake salé

Cake Salé, is pronounced /Cake Sah-Lay/ và not “cake sale.” The acute accent over the “É” changes the way the letter “e” is pronounced exactly lượt thích in my last name “André”.

The literal translation for cake salé is “salty cake,” but idiomatically, it’s the equivalent of saying “savoury cake” in English.

What is a French savoury cake, “Cake Salé”?


Cake salé is not a dessert cake.

It’s a savoury French loaf cake recipe made with a variety of herbs, spices and savoury filling ingredients.

Once you know how to lớn make the base recipe for the batter, you can MacGyver it into hundreds of different recipes. It’s easily converted lớn a vegan savoury cake or savoury muffins.

The Batter for salty cake

The batter for savoury French cake or cake salé is similar to lớn making a sweet cake but with salty and savoury ingredients (not sweet), such as olives, ham, bacon bits, grated cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.

The cake batter is then poured into a long rectangular loaf pan, và baked in the oven.

It’s sometimes referred lớn as a “Savoury Loaf Cake” or “Savoury Quick bread” in the English-speaking world.

This simple and versatile French dish is a mainstay in France for picnics & as an appetizer but it’s also great as a main dish accompanied by a salad & a glass of wine.

In France it often makes an appearance with pre-dinner drinks during French apero get-togethers because it’s easy khổng lồ make at home, delicious, và can be eaten warm or at room temperature.

It’s often sold premade in the freezer or refrigerator section of French grocery stores. Below is a photo of cake salé at a French supermarket in the freezer section marketed as Cake aperitif (chèvre tomate) tomato and goat cheese.


Why is it called cake salé in French?

If you speak a little French, you know that the French word for cake is “Gateaux ” So shouldn’t it be called “gateaux salé” in French?

Yes & no.

The word “Cake” is a borrowed word in the French language (middle English from the Norse word “Kaka).

In French, the term “CAKE” has more to vày with its loaf pan shape than the ingredients.

Anything called a “cake” in French cooking means it’s probably rectangular-shaped because it was cooked in a rectangular bread pan or loaf pan (Moule à cake or Moule à pain).

This isn’t unusual in the world of cooking. There are quite a few dishes named after the cooking vessel in which they are cooked or shape of the food.

For example:

Tagine” is both a Morrocan stew and the name of the North African earthenware pot in which it’s cooked.A “casserole” generally refers khổng lồ anything cooked in a casserole dish, the French word for a deep pan.“loaf cake” is a cake made in a rectangular pan.

What’s the difference between gateau salé & cake salé?

A “Gateaux salé,” which literally means “salty cake,” is also a savoury cake but it can be any shape: round, square, triangle or a rectangle like a cake salé. & there are plenty of recipes out there lớn prove it.

Just remember gateaux salé can be any shape & cake salé is a type of gateau salé that is always rectangular in shape.

If this sounds confusing, imagine how confusing the term “crab cake” is to a French person. It’s not a cake, nor is it rectangular in shape. In French Crab cake is called a “Galette de Crabe”.

Remember how I said in the cooking world, many dishes can be named after their shape?

Well, a Galette is an example of a dish taking on the name of its shape. In French cooking “galette” is a term attached khổng lồ many foods that have a round flat shape, whether it be a hamburger patty, king cake, tortilla or savoury crepes.

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Savoury Muffins: Muffin salé and Mug cake salé


If you were khổng lồ take the same cake salé recipe & pour the batter into a cupcake pan, or muffin tray, the result would be savoury muffins called “muffin salé ” but I’ve heard the term “mini cake salé” also used in French.

And if you poured the savoury french cake batter into a mug and threw it in the microwave then you would have a savoury mug cake called a “mug cake salé”.

What Are The Ingredients In A French Cake Salé?


One of the best things about salty French cake is that you only need to lớn know how khổng lồ make the basic cake salé recipe batter using simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen pantry.

Once you’ve made the basic cake salé batter, you can jazz it up by mixing whatever you want into the cake mix. I mean absolutely anything.

From sundried tomatoes, feta and olives to lớn chorizo, dates, và goat cheese. The combination of recipes using meat, vegetables, cheese, và herbs are endless.

Base Cake Salé ingredients

1) Flour2) Baking powder3) Salt và black pepper4) Eggs5) Milk6) Oil: (some recipes gọi for butter.)7) Cheese. Optional but cheese is often one of the ingredients in a savoury French cake recipe.

Vegetarian và Vegan cake salé

If you’re a vegetarian, you can easily make a vegetarian cake salé by simply not adding any meat to the batter.

And if you’re vegan, it’s easy lớn convert the basic cake salé recipe into a vegan cake salé by replacing the dairy products with vegan options.

Vegan milk replacement options for cake salé:

soy milknut milk such as almond milkcoconut milkrice milk

Possible egg replacements for vegan cake salé include:

As for the eggs, some French vegan cake salé recipes use an egg replacement others don’t.

Chickpea flourAquafaba (liquid from a can of trắng beans or chickpeas whisked for about 1 minute until it’s a little foamy.)Store-bought egg replacers


Once you have your base cake salé batter which will look a lot lượt thích pancake batter, it’s time to lớn start adding whatever fillings you like.

You don’t even need a recipe. You can MacGyver a unique recipe out of whatever you have in your fridge và pantry but recipes are nice to have for inspiration.

Cake salé is excellent for using up leftovers

Because you can put whatever you want into your savoury french cake recipe, it’s a great way to lớn use up any leftovers loitering in your refrigerator.

Need to finish half that onion và bell pepper or leftover ham? Chop it up & throw it in your cake salé batter.

Obviously, this menu is far from exhaustive, but here is a picklist of ingredients which you can combine in a number of ways to lớn come up with very chất lượng cake salé recipes.

Herbs: Thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary, dill, chives, herbs de Provence, etc.Spices: Curry, peppers, Sriracha, jalapeno, Mexican spices etc.Seeds: Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, pistachio, pine nuts, etc.Vegetables: Zucchini, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, peas, spinach, spring onion, garlic etc.Meat: Ham, chicken, sausage, Salmon, Shrimp etc.

What Are Some Common French Savoury Cake Recipes?

There are literally hundreds of different French savoury cake recipes you can make but here are some popular recipes.

French Cake salé recipe ideas ( with meat or fish)

Bacon bits, onion và cheese.Chicken and goat cheeseHam, olives và gruyere cheeseSalmon and dillshrimp and chorizoBacon và cheese savoury muffins

Vegetarian Cake Salé Filling Ideas

If you’re looking for vegetarian options, here are a few ideas.

Mushroom, parsley and Comté cheeseSun-dried tomatoes và pestoFeta và spinachBell Pepper & ricottaOlive and fetaPumpkin, goat cheese and olivesGoat cheese, tomatoes and basilTomato, mozzarella, fresh basil và olives

Vegan Cake Salé Filling Ideas

Tomato và zucchiniJust olives (green & black)Olives & garlicTomato, basil and olivesRatatouille (eggplants, dried tomatoes, onions, bell peppers và zucchini)

On khổng lồ the basic recipe now.