How To Make Bánh Gối Deep At Home


Being a familiar snack of Hanoi young people every time in winter, pillow cake has brought features of street food into the diversity of cuisine of Hanoi. This winter, you should not miss the restaurant has the best pillow cake in Hanoi khổng lồ feel the warmth when enjoying it.

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How lớn make pillow cakes

Half-moon shaped cakes are pretty and strangely attractive. Pillow cakes is a combination of crispy cake coat and aromatic & delicious of the cake core. The cake is most delicious when taken from the hot pan, that is the reason why this type of cake only sold in winter.

Although just a snack, to make delicious pillow cake is quite picky because the material includes a lot of things. First of all, the flour used lớn make the cake is wheat flour mixed with water, kneaded thoroughly, laminated into a smooth & sticky crust.

The pillow cake core is a mixture of different materials such as pork meat, egg, vermicelli, fungus, mushroom, pepper, and spices. In addition, depending on the taste of each people, the sellers can showroom vegetables such as cubed kohlrabi, carrots or jicama.

Firstly, vermicelli is soaked in water for about five minutes, then cleaned và cut into the short fibers. Fungus and mushroom are soaked in hot water for 15 minutes & cut into fibers. Carrots & kohlrabies are peeled, washed & then grated. Scallion leaves are cleaned, chopped. Quail eggs are boiled và peeled when cooked.

All the mentioned materials will be mixed with minced meat & added spices & pepper.

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When the ingredients have been prepared in cooking class in Hanoi, you can wrap the cake. This is an important step, requires ingenuity, to lớn make a cake which is not only delicious but also beautiful, attractive from the first sight. The cake will be fried in the pan with boiling oil. This dish will be eaten with sweet and sour sauce added with chili, sliced carrots và papaya.

Some ideal destination for enjoying pillow cakes

Enjoying hot pillow cakes is one of many favorite options for tourists on Hanoi local food tours in Hanoi. We will introduce three delicious restaurants for visitors.

Ly Quoc Su Street

Traveling along Ly Quoc Su Street, you can easily see this famous pillow cake restaurant. The cakes here have a crispy và golden cake coat. Inside is a kind of chopped minced meat with polony, mushrooms, vermicelli & a little pepper. The cake just eaten with sweet và sour sauce makes everyone enjoy.

Hoang Tich Tri Street

The special point of this cửa hàng is that they do not use boiled eggs but fried cut eggs & then mixed with cake vi xử lý core including minced meat, vermicelli, fungus. At the same time, the owner has tightened the two edges of the cake, so when frying, oil is not absorbed back into the cake. Thanks khổng lồ that, the cake has a crispy coat, the core is still dry, soft & has beautiful colors.

Hang Chieu Street

Compared lớn many places, pillow cake vi xử lý core here is so “full”. Minced meat is not too small so when you eat you still feel the fatty và crunchy taste. Besides, the sauce is strongly delicious, so it is an ideal destination for visitors on Hanoi street food tour. One cake is about 10,000 VND.

In addition, you can order more fried cakes. This dish impresses with the thin shell, yellow-brown color, và the tough core. This cake has two types of salty and sweet to lớn choose.

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