How to make delicious, crispy northern fried spring rolls simply attractive


My mom is a greatcookand a very generous person.Her keen sense of taste và relentless persistence allows her khổng lồ fine-tune recipes until they’re worthy of sharing. It was mom và grandma’s cooking that made their home the gathering point for lunch và dinner multiple times a week.

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Additionally, she readily and happily contributes large quantities of home-cooked food for family gatherings. One of the common requests are for chảgiò (egg rolls)–the same recipe I’m going to share with you below.

These Vietnamese egg rolls are made with pork, và nicely balanced out with veggies, mung bean thread, & mushrooms. Và when you use the right wrappers they come out golden brown, và irresistibly crispy. The typical way to lớn eat these is wrapped with green leaf lettuce, herbs & dipped into fish dipping sauce of course!

Egg roll history in Vietnam

Whether you call them spring rolls, egg rolls, chảgiòor nem rán (the Northern Vietnamese term), these are delicious.These deep-fried goodies are traditionally made with rice paper sheets (bánhtráng), but are very commonly made with wheat-based wrappers. It’s likely because the wheat varieties are easier to lớn work with.

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The rice paper version doesn’t brownas well, and takesan extra step of soaking before use. Even more importantly, they also vì not stay crunchy as long as the wheat version. So, tossing tradition out the window, we’re going with wheat wrappers.

Which egg roll wrapper brands khổng lồ use

Menlo brand wrappers khổng lồ be exact. I tried Spring House wrappers và got so-so results. They were fairly crispy, but not really brown when fried. These Menlo wrappers, on the other hand, are MAGICAL. My mom suggested these after my first, soggier,attempt.

I had some flashbacks when spotting these in the store. These were the same ones my parents restaurant used about 20 years ago! Let the package defrost a bit before separating the wrappers so you don’t tear them up.

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