Vietnamese Fried Rice Recipe


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A delightfully flavorful & easy-to-prepare meal, Vietnamese fried rice calls for simple ingredients & can be ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.


Updated on May 8th, 2022: New written content, recipe instructions, & photography. Yay! See more details below the recipe, including the original photo for this post!

Originally published onMarch 14th, 2014.

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Who doesn"t love a delicious meal that"s also easy & fast khổng lồ make? Stir-fries of any kind are some of my favorites for this very reason. It"s a great way khổng lồ get lunch or dinner ready in a short amount of time and use up some ingredients you might have hanging around in your kitchen.

I first fell in love with Vietnamese fried rice at Le"s Restaurant in Cambridge, back when I worked in the area & would go there for lunch often. I"d alternate between their pho and rice, depending on my mood, và I always left feeling full và happy.

I loved the rice so much, I wanted khổng lồ try making it myself, và I shared a version I was more or less happy with back in March 2014, except it tasted nothing like a restaurant unique fried rice, especially because I was on an 80/20 paleo diet at the time!

Over the years, I experimented with various recipes for this dish & decided it was finally time lớn give this post the nội dung refresh it deserves!

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