Crispy thai spring rolls

You’ve never really had a Spring Roll until you’ve tried homemade!! Way better than your run-of-the-mill suburban Chinese restaurants, this Spring Roll recipe is shatteringly crisp on the outside with a juicy pork, vegetable & mushroom filling. Helpful step-by-step rolling instructions included, lớn make a pro of you in no time!

This is a reader-favourite recipe included by popular demand in my debut cookbook “Dinner”!


Spring Roll recipe

When was the last time you ordered spring rolls at a Chinese restaurant? Did you bite into it and wonder what was actually inside? & if it was a really bad one, you may have even been treated to oil squirting into your mouth when you bit into it.

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That pretty much describes the run-of-the-mill spring roll experience at local Chinese restaurants and takeout places in food courts. I mean, youcan get truly great spring rolls at“posh” Chinese restaurants, where you can pay $13 for 2 (yes – 2, two, TWO spring rolls).

Or – you can make a whole batch of spring rolls at trang chủ for less than $10!

Wait a sec. Are these Egg Rolls?

Nope. Egg Rolls are different.We don’t get Egg Rolls here in Australia, but I’ve had my fair tóm tắt in the States.

Don’t worry Australia, we’re not missing out. Spring Rolls are way better!!They’re shatteringly crispy on the outside whereas Egg Rolls tend to lớn be a bit chewy and also greasier.

Spring Rolls Filling

There’s really no definitive rules about what goes inside Spring Rolls. But typically, you’ll find a set of some kind of meat (usually ground pork / mince) with finely chopped or shredded vegetables, plus seasoning.

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I like to địa chỉ cửa hàng chopped mushrooms which adds extraumami (savoury flavour) into the filing.


Spring Roll Wrappers

Made with wheat flour, spring roll wrappers come broth frozen & refrigerated ready for use. While thin, they are pliable, easy khổng lồ handle và less fragile than you might imagine.

They come in various sizes, from small squares that make mini spring rolls khổng lồ the kích thước I’m using here which are 21.5cm/8″ squares that make spring rolls about 10 – 12cm / 4 – 5″ long.

Spring roll wrappers are sold at Asian grocery stores. Though nowadays, Spring Roll wrappers are now widely available in nước australia in large supermarkets (Woolworths & Coles, freezer section. ↓↓↓).


I know spring rolls is one of those things that may seem daunting khổng lồ try your hand at. But it’s actually not that tricky at all. Wrapping spring rolls is more straight forward than Wontons or Gyoza(Japanese dumplings). Plus, the spring roll wrapper is easier to lớn handle than most doughs – it has stretch, you can even scrunch it up, whirl it around & dance around the kitchen with it, then still be able lớn use it. True story. (I might have done it)

Plus there’s the recipe đoạn phim too.