Easy caramel sauce made with milk

This 5-ingredient Caramel Sauce recipe is extremely easy lớn prepare & something that you can make with the whole family.

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The first time I made caramel sauce at trang chủ was in the seventh grade for science homework. I thought it was weird for the teacher lớn assign a cooking project for homework but little did I know the impact of one homework assignment on my life.

This caramel sauce was probably the easiest caramel recipe I’ve ever seen. It only calls for 1 cup of sugar, a medium skillet, và patience. It took about 5 minutes to see the chemical change of the sugar go from solid white lớn a melted golden amber color to some ice cream I had in the freezer.

Now, my recipe isn’t that easy, but you only need 5 ingredients & 15 minutes to lớn make enough caramel sauce to last you a long time. Unless you go crazy and pour it over everything you can find.

Let me show you how easy this caramel sauce with milk recipe really is.


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Key IngredientsEasy Caramel Sauce with Milk

Key Ingredients

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make this caramel sauce. You probably have everything at home already.

Granulated sugar

All you need is white granulated sugar for this recipe.


Tap water will vì the job.

Kosher Salt

A little salt goes a long way to bring out the sweetness of this caramel sauce.

Heavy cream

Heavy whipping cream will lighten the màu sắc of the caramel sauce và give it a creamy consistency.

Unsalted butter

I only use unsalted butter in my recipe.


How khổng lồ make Homemade Caramel Sauce Recipe

Making homemade caramel sauce is simpler than you think. After making this creamy caramel sauce, you’ll wonder why you bought it from the store.

Step 1: In a medium pot, add sugar, water, và salt over high heat, and cook for 5 minutes until sugar melts and begins to turn a light caramel color.

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Step 2: Remove the pot from the heat, showroom heavy cream (caramel will bubble up), bring to a boil over low heat, và stir constantly until caramel sauce smooths out.

Step 3: Turn off the heat and stir in cold unsalted butter until smooth. The caramel sauce will thicken và turn a lovely golden brown màu sắc as it cools.


Pro Recipe Tips và Tricks

Here are the best practices, techniques, substitutes, and flavor builders you’ll need for making caramel sauce with milk.

The sauce will go from clear lớn golden amber brown really fast. One minute it’ll look like nothing is happening. Then in the blink of an eye, it’ll begin khổng lồ turn brown fast.For a brown sugar caramel sauce, use dark brown sugar or light brown sugar instead of granulated sugar.If you use salted butter, omit the salt in the recipe.If you would lượt thích a thinner caramel sauce use 1 cup of water.For a thicker sauce, cook the caramel longer after you địa chỉ the cream.When you stir the sugar, water, and salt, you can cause sugar crystals to size on the side of the pot. Then you have lớn dip a brush in water khổng lồ brush it down, so it doesn’t burn. The secret lớn not doing that is patience and letting the heat do all the work.Hot caramel is something you vì chưng not want to lớn get on your skin. If this happens, immediately rinse the spot off with cold running water.After your sauce cools, địa chỉ cửa hàng sea salt to lớn it for a salted caramel sauce.You can use whole milk, almond milk, or evaporated milk in place of heavy cream.Try adding vanilla extract khổng lồ your caramel sauce for a boosted flavor.


What can you serve caramel sauce with?

Caramel sauce with milk in it is perfect for a wide range of toppings. Here are a few things you can place it on.

Pour it over some ice cream for a delicious sundae.Drizzle over fresh fruits lượt thích apples, bananas, or strawberries.Make a fruit dip by mixing in some Greek yogurt.Top off a warm slice of táo apple pie.Use it as a pancake or waffle topping.Popcorn.Add it khổng lồ your morning coffee.Milkshakes.


Here are the đứng đầu questions readers have about caramel sauce with milk.

What are the ingredients khổng lồ caramel sauce?

Sugar, water, salt, and milk are the base ingredients for any caramel.

Can I substitute milk for heavy cream in caramel?

Absolutely! You can use any milk you have at home, whether whole, non-dairy, or evaporated, khổng lồ make a deliciously creamy caramel sauce.

What is milk based caramel?

A sweet sauce made from sugar và milk, milk-based caramel is a flavorful condiment. The milk sida in creating a smooth và creamy sauce that may be drizzled over desserts or consumed by the spoonful! It can be soft, rich, or hard.

How vị you thicken caramel sauce without cream?

If you want to thicken your caramel sauce without using cream, you use evaporated milk. Once you stir in the milk, bring the sauce khổng lồ a boil và allow it to lớn boil until it reaches the consistency that you desire for your caramel sauce. Another option is lớn increase the ratio of sugar lớn water. The recipe below is 1 ½ cups of sugar khổng lồ ½ cup of water. This is an excellent ratio for thickening caramel without cream.


What makes caramel thick?

The main ingredient in caramel sauce is sugar. As sugar cooks down, sugar crystals slowly dissolve, resulting in a thicker consistency. Also, by adding a milk based product lượt thích heavy whipping cream, you help the sauce thicken.

How to store caramel sauce?

Caramel is best used 3 days after making but will be fresh for 7 days in a cool dark place. Reheat small portions in the microwave for 10-15 seconds khổng lồ loosen the caramel, so it’s pourable. I wouldn’t recommend freezing caramel sauce because the sugars will crystalize when frozen, making the sauce watery.


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