How to make smoked beef sausage

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Seasoned with traditional Italian sausage herbs & spices, this Homemade Italian Style Beef Sausage is a fun twist – and it makes for the best meat sauce ever!

We eat a lot of pasta around here. We also eat a lot of beef. This fun recipe for Homemade Italian Style Beef Sausage combines those two favorites into one! I’ve always wanted to lớn learn how khổng lồ make sausage, and I finally got a chance lớn try my hand at it. Surprisingly, making homemade sausage really isn’t that hard at all. You bởi need some special equipment, but aside from that it’s super easy. Let’s get started!

Last summer, a handful of bloggers joined the thủ đô new york Beef Council at a house in the Catskill Mountains for a week. We ate a lot of delicious beef recipes. We had the chance lớn learn video techniques from expert videographers, and of course we had a lot of fun, too. As we all parted ways at the over of the week, we promised to bởi vì it again next year. Little did we know at the time, but there was a pandemic in store for us the next year. So instead of meeting for Blogger House 2.0, we decided to vị some virtual events this year. And one of those was learning how to lớn make homemade sausage via Zoom.

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Homemade Italian Style Beef Sausage

In order lớn make homemade sausage, you’re going to lớn need a meet grinder + sausage stuffer (aff. Link). (I have the STX Megaforce Classic 3000 grinder + sausage stuffer, and it’s great.) These machines might sound complicated, but they are actually pretty easy lớn use. Bonus – because you start with grinding your own beef, you can buy bulk cuts at your local butcher. For this project, we actually made 3 different styles of beef sausage. Today’s post focuses on the Homemade Italian Style Beef Sausage, but we’ll briefly mention the other styles later. Since we were making 3 different types, we started with a full 10+ pounds of beef.

I went to my local butcher và purchased a 10-lb chuck eye roll. The Chuck Eye Roll comes from the chuck subprimal, & it’s where cuts lượt thích the Chuck Eye Roast & Chuck Eye Steaks come from. To lớn be fair, the full Chuck Eye Roll was closer lớn 25-lb, but I just asked my butcher for half of it. Back home, that large piece of meat gets cut into smaller strips. This is the easiest part of the whole process! Aside from using normal care with your knife, you don’t need to worry about how you cut that piece of meat. You just want it small enough khổng lồ go through the grinder.

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Once that meat is cut, you process it through the grinder using a medium grinder plate. You’ll over up with a huge bowl of freshly ground beef. At this point, you’re going to face a tough decision. Resist all temptation to lớn stop và make a boatload of burgers. While those burgers with freshly ground beef would be delicious, this batch is destined for sausage – although if you pull off a pound or two for burgers, I don’t think anyone will be upset!

The next step is adding the seasonings. Traditional pork-based Italian sausage is heavily seasoned with fennel, paprika and other spices. We just take that spice combination & mix it into our ground beef. Sausage making isn’t difficult, but it is a bit of a process. I lượt thích to go ahead & make a bunch at once, & then store it in the freezer for easy meals later on. At this point, I divide the ground beef into 2-lb bowls and địa chỉ seasonings khổng lồ each bowl.

Once those seasonings are gently mixed in, you process the ground beef back through the medium grinder plate again. This helps further mix in the seasonings, and it also gives you a bit finer grind to the beef. Sausage typically uses the medium blade, while the finest blade is used for things lượt thích hot dogs or beef jerky. At this point, you’ll have ~2 pounds of Homemade Italian Style Beef Sausage. You can stop there và use it as ground sausage, or you can take the next step và form it into links.

Ground Sausage vs. Links

If you do opt lớn make link out of that sausage, then you’ll need to get hog casings (or synthetic casings) from your butcher. The same butcher where I purchased the Chuck Eye Roll had hog casings that were already double-washed. Nice & easy. Back home, you’ll take off the grinder blade and địa chỉ cửa hàng the sausage stuffer attachment. The STX Megaforce grinder (aff. Link) came with great instructions for how lớn stuff the sausage. As you stuff the sausage, you’ll over up with one giant link. To separate it into smaller links, you just give it a couple of twists và then cut it with a sharp knife – it will stay twisted và you’ll end up with sausage in liên kết form.

With all of this said, you can totally just buy ground beef at the store và mix in the appropriate Italian seasonings. You’ll be all set khổng lồ make the most delicious meat sauce ever. Heck, you can even use your favorite store-bought pasta sauce. It will be an amazing sauce either way! We love meat sauce, & we typically make big batches of it here. Then we divide it back into jars and freeze it for easy weeknight meals. (If you go this route, just make sure to lớn leave ~1″ of space at the đứng top of the jars as the sauce will expand once it freezes.)

Have I convinced you to lớn try this Homemade Italian Style Beef Sausage yet? I hope so! Whether in ground-form or link-form, it’s a tasty creation that makes for one heck of a delicious meat sauce. In fact, we made this meat sauce recently, và I used both ground beef sausage as well as links. It was the exact kind of comfort food we needed to welcome in these early Autumn days! If you’re looking to learn a new skill in the kitchen, try your hand at homemade sausage. (Even if you don’t go all in for the sausage stuffer, you can make ground sausage fairly easily.)

If you’re looking for additional flavor profiles for your beef sausage, check out these other versions. (As noted above, you can make several different styles at one time and then freeze for later.)

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