Grilled fish cake with noodles

Visitors khổng lồ the coastal city of Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh do not forget to lớn enjoy famous specialties such as mixed rice, fish cake soup, Lagu bread ...

Fish ball noodles

Quy Nhonfish cake noodle souphas an unmistakable taste, making visitors coming to this coastal area want to taste it.This specialty is the combination of delicious fish cake slices, fish bone broth, mild sour taste of ripe tomatoes, pineapple ... The ingredients for cooking fish noodle soup are mackerel or barracuda fish, fish. Barnacles, termites, grouper ... Tourists come here can enjoy this dish on Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Tat Thanh streets ... Price is about 20,000-40,000 VND / bowl.

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Fish cake soup

If you love the delicious taste và sweetness of the fish, visitors can not ignore the fish cake soup.There are two types of banh canh, rice flour và wheat flour.The way lớn prepare fish cakes & broth is like fish noodle soup, but served with quail eggs, shrimp balls.To enjoy delicious soup cake, visitors can visit Bach Dang, Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Truong Chinh Street ... Price is from 15,000 to 25,000 VND / bowl.

Cake asked porridge heart

Referring to Quy Nhon specialties, it is indispensable to lớn ask porridge.Heart is selected from the best pigs, processed cleanly, arranged with a plate of cake and raw vegetables, accompanied by a hot and thin porridge cup.Pick up a leaf of cake lớn ask, địa chỉ a piece of pork belly và some raw vegetables, dab lightly in a cup of delicious fish sauce và bring it khổng lồ your mouth.The sweetness of the cake, the pork heart mingled with the rich flavor of Binh Dinh fish sauce, appeals khổng lồ many diners.Porridge asked porridge costs from 20,000 to lớn 50,000 VND / serving, sold much in Phan Boi Chau, Tran Phu, Dien Hong, Vu Bao ...

Shrimp pancake dance

Pancakes is a typical dish of the Central people.However, the shrimp pancake dance in Quy Nhon has its own characteristics.The way of making shrimp pancake is not fussy, but the most important is the selection of ingredients and skill of casting the cake.

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Shrimps are selected as the form size of thumb, just remove the net, wash it, cut off the head và put in the oil mold.After that, stir the shrimp ripe pink, cover with rice flour, add bean sprouts, chopped onions.The characteristic feature of Quy Nhon shrimp dance pancake is fragrant crunchy crust, rich dipping sauce, sweet taste of pineapple.Pancakes served with rice paper, sprouts, green mango, cucumber ...

Visitors can enjoy this dish in many dishes around the city, from roadside shops khổng lồ restaurants, the most crowded place is in the area of ​​Dien Hong, Dong Da, My Cang village ... Price from 15,000 VND to lớn 25,000 VND.

Lagu bread

This is one of the oldest dishes in Quy Nhon, attracting customers by the delicious taste of the broth, mixed with hot and crispy bread.Vegetables such as lotus seeds, sweet potatoes, carrots, red beans ... Are carefully selected.Pork is carefully simmered khổng lồ taste sweet, without fishy smell, và the tenderness of the meat is just right, not chewy or too soft.A bowl of Lagu bread costs 25,000-30,000 VND, the most famous is the restaurant in the alley 171 Nguyen Hue street with more than 30 years of experience.

Tear mixed

Tré is one of the famous specialties of the Nau people.Pork meat consists of 2 parts: meat meat and pork bacon, marinated with sesame, pepper, garlic, salt, galangal & especially rice.After the marinade is mixed, it will be wrapped in a layer of old guava leaves khổng lồ make it aroma, incubated in a layer of dry straw.Tea can be eaten directly or mixed with sour vegetables, peanuts to địa chỉ cửa hàng more attractive.Visitors can enjoy this dish at restaurants on Ngo Van So food street, Ngoc Tran Cong Chua street ... Price is from 20,000 to lớn 100,000 VND, along with many other chất lượng dishes.

According to lớn Tam Anh - Spirit (Vnexpress)

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