My little space: deep fried purple sweet potato balls

Purple Sweet Potato Fries are roasted và are an amazingly delicious and crispy, with the scent of lemon and a cảm ứng of spice. They’re a great vegetarian snack or side dish.

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I love strolling through a Farmer’s Market or the produce section in stores to see all of the stunning colors. Everything from broccoli và mangoes to lớn Dragon fruit & apples — và there are so many gorgeous shades of purple in fresh produce these days.

A couple of years ago I was introduced khổng lồ — và proceeded lớn fall in love with — the beautiful Okinawan Sweet Potato, which is a beautiful dark lavender color. Và I was recently introduced khổng lồ another outstanding purple sweet potato, only this one is more of a magenta color.


Meet theStokes Purple Sweet Potato from Frieda’s.

And kiểm tra out that bright magenta flesh. T’s so vibrant! & these pretty spuds are packed with antioxidants, by the way.

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What bởi Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes taste like?

A bit less sweet than orange sweet potatoes, they’re especially tasty with the hint of fresh lemon và the subtle spice of the chili powder. It has that delicious sweet n’ spicy vibe.

The purple potatoes become a deep, rich burgundy-like color once cooked.

This is not a sponsored post. Frieda’s sent me samples of Stokes Sweet Potatoes for recipe testing.

I’m writing about them because they’re delicious và so pretty. Oh, và because I made these oh-so-delicious Purple Sweet Potato Fries with chili và lemon!

You can learn more about them & where lớn get them here.


Enjoy every last crispy, sweet, spicy, & tangy one of these Roasted Purple Sweet Potato Fries!