Revealing the recipe of making grilled spring rolls in ninh hoa


Dubbed as “Vietnamese pizza”, ‘banh trang nuong’ (grilled rice paper with various toppings) is a savoury & must-try snack for visitors to da Lat city, the Highlands province of Lam Dong.

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As da Lat a mild & cool climate all year round, it is understandable that grilled dishes, including ‘banh trang nuong’ are always on đứng đầu of the favourite lists for visitors to the city. People can have ‘banh trang nuong’ every meal of the day, from lunch, brunch, dinner khổng lồ supper.


The snack can be found everywhere in da Lat, near schools, areas, domain authority Lat night markets, or along Van Troi street. Most of the ‘banh trang nuong’ stalks gather along Van Troi street, of which the sellers are local


Nicknamed as “Vietnamese pizza”, the snack’s “crust” is thin rice paper, which is also used lớn make ‘nem’ (spring roll). The rice paper is first slathered with butter or cooking oil & mix atop a coal brazier.

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The adds some quail egg yolk và sliced onions on the paper và sprinkles the sheet with various toppings, including dried beef, shredded pork floss, sausage, grated cheese, & shredded It takes around one minute lớn bind all the together & finish grilling.


The crunchy grilled rice paper can be sliced into pieces lượt thích a pizza or it can be rolled like a tube. The dish’s price range from VND12,000 to VND30,000 on customers’ choice of toppings.

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