Try this cupcake and muffin rice baking hack for grease

You can never learn too many baking hacks! Whether you need to bring eggs to room temperature quickly, learn how lớn perfectly line a cake pan with parchment paper, or figure out how lớn pick out a pesky bit of eggshell, there are tips and tricks galore for smoother baking adventures. To địa chỉ cửa hàng to that list, here"s a new one to lớn try: Putting rice in your cupcake or muffin tins.

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If you"ve ever baked cupcakes và followed the recipe to a tee but still wound up with greasy bottoms, you"re not alone—with their high butter content, it"s kind of hard khổng lồ avoid! However, there"s a super easy way to lớn fix this problem with a common pantry staple.

Next time you bake cupcakes or muffins, simply sprinkle rice in the bottom of the pan, then place the cupcake liner on top & fill with batter. Instead of the grease collecting at the bottom of your baked good, the rice will absorb the excess moisture without burning.

To put this trick to lớn the test, our Food Director Erin Merhar tried it out for herself on a batch of muffins. She made 12 muffins, putting a thin layer of rice in the bottom of the tin for half of them lớn see if it really did make a difference.

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"The muffins baked over the rice had a much drier bottom. Though this didn’t really alter the taste of the dish, it certainly made for a cleaner eating experience," she says.



Clearly, the muffin on the left has a much cleaner bottom with no grease visible at all! Erin notes that she did use whole grain flour, which would naturally soak up a lot of the excess oil, but she says it"s a tip she"ll definitely use again.

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"For something lượt thích a cupcake or a muffin made with 100% all-purpose flour, I would be willing lớn bet that this trick is super helpful!" she adds.

If you want to try this experiment for yourself, we have plenty of mouth-watering recipes to chạy thử it with. How about the Chocolate Creme Cupcakes or Cookies "n" Creme Cupcakes recipes straight from The Mercantile"s bakery? Or a batch of Pumpkin Spice Muffins couldn"t hurt. It"s all in the name of science, after all!