How To Cook Pork Belly ()

How khổng lồ Cook Pork Belly is a simple, straightforward tutorial that teaches you how to lớn make the most delicious, simple roasted pork belly recipe! The flavors are so amazing and the technique is incredibly easy!

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How to lớn Cook Pork Belly is an easy, approachable roasted pork belly recipe that you are going to come back khổng lồ again and again.


How to lớn Cook Pork Belly

Pork belly is one of my favorite foods (if it is on the menu I am ordering it) so I am so excited to nói qua with you my favorite way to lớn cook pork belly – in the oven! We first crank up the heat and develop that nice crispy outer layer then we drop the temp và let it cook slowly so the underside is juicy và delicious. We love serving it with just some sushi rice OR you can make my favorite pork belly ramen, pork belly tacos or pork belly sandwiches! Cannot wait for you to lớn fall in love with pork belly!

Why You Will Love This Recipe

Rendered Fat: If you have had pork belly before, you know that wonderful taste of rendered fat (slow cooked fat that then fall down into the meat, keeping it moist and tender). It is beyond delicious & one of the reasons it has become so popular! Crisp Skin: Don’t forget you also have that crunch of the crispy skin on top! Decadent: Pork belly, in a word, is just decadent. You don’t need a lot & I recommend savoring every bite!

What You Will Need

pork belly: pork belly is essentially a slab of bacon (yum). kosher salt + ground black pepper: I lượt thích keeping the seasoning pretty basic for pork belly, most of the time!coriander: you don’t HAVE to địa chỉ cửa hàng in coriander, but a little does compliment the flavor nicely. fennel seed (optional): these aren’t required either – lượt thích I said, I lượt thích to keep the flavor simple! Coriander & fennel are just two suggestions that can be great add-ins!

Where lớn find Pork Belly

It can usually by found by asking at your local deli. A lot of times they will get pork belly in & they will cut it up in-house into bacon. By asking the deli for it they can grab you some before they cut it up! It isn’t normally found out in a case where you can see it.

How lớn Cook Pork Belly

Buy your pork belly (I always ask at my local deli).


Make your little spice rub (you don’t need a lot) và rub all over!


Score your pork belly (fat side) and then wrap in plastic wrap and set in the fridge overnight.


Place a large cast iron skillet & bring the oven temp to 450 degrees F.


After cooking at 450 degrees F. For about an hour (and basting) turn down the temp for approximately another hour (to 250 degrees F).


Either serve immediately or let cool & store in the fridge overnight. The next day, cut into thick slices và sear on both sides to warm thoroughly before serving however you want!