How to make delicious, crispy northern fried spring rolls simply attractive


Fried spring rolls are a familiar traditional dish in Vietnamese Tet holidays. However, not everyone can vị it to lớn make crispy rolls, golden brown and rich in flavor.

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1. Ingredients for making fried spring rolls.

The ingredients for making fried spring rolls are readily available and easy to lớn find. The regions have different tastes, so there are ways lớn make fried spring rolls with many attractive characteristic flavors. But the general recipe when making fried spring rolls you will prepare the following ingredients:

Ingredients prepared to make fried spring rollsPeanut: 0.5 kilogam (You can choose chicken or showroom crab meat, shrimp, depending on your preference).- Wood ear: 3.

- Mushrooms.

- Onions: 1 bulb.

Chicken eggs: 2 fruits.

- Glass noodles: 1 small handful.

- Fresh onions, dried onions & garlic.

- Lemon: 1 fruit (you can replace it with vinegar).

- Spices include: pepper, chili, pasta, sugar, salt, fish sauce, cooking oil.

- Spring roll cake: 30 pcs (choose a spring roll khổng lồ make the spring roll more crispy).

- Fruits và vegetables: carrots, jicama or dumplings & papaya lớn make pickles.

- Vegetables served: lettuce, coriander và herbs.

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2. How khổng lồ make fried spring rolls


a) Processing of fried spring rolls:

To make delicious fried spring rolls, the process of preliminary processing through ingredients is no less important. You should lưu ý and perform the following preliminary steps:

Preliminary processing of fried spring rolls- Buying pork, you need khổng lồ pay attention to a little more fat when minced, the lean meat and fat blend together khổng lồ create a greasy taste. Bring chopped or minced pork meat. Tips for delicious và fragrant meat you bring minced, the fried spring rolls are even more attractive.

- Use boiling water to soak shiitakes & rots to lớn enlarge. Then take out the shiitake mushrooms and let them dry & cut the strands about 2cm long.

- Glass vermicelli you also soak in boiling water to soften the noodles and use scissors lớn cut about 2 centimet to taste

- Onions peeled, washed and chopped

- lớn make the fried spring rolls soft, add some vegetables such as dumplings or chopped carrots khổng lồ mix into the mixture.

To create a harmonious màu sắc for dishes, you can địa chỉ some vegetables that you lượt thích to eat khổng lồ help relieve boredom. However, you should pay attention lớn the right amount so that the fried spring rolls are not soggy và can give bean sprouts if needed. Add flavor to lớn your fried spring rolls for a few green onions and chopped Chinese scent khổng lồ blend with the mixture.

Break 2 more eggs và season with spices like salt, pepper, sugar và spices khổng lồ mix well together in a large bowl.

b. How lớn roll fried spring rolls.

Roll spring rolls you are also quite simple. Just a little meticulousness and skillfulness you can roll the cylindrical or square rolls depending on the preferences of each person. First, you spread the prepared rice cakes on a plate or a large flat surface plate. Then use a spoon to lớn scoop the made before on the surface of the spring roll cake then roll it into a round or square cylinder according lớn your preference.

How khổng lồ roll fried spring rollsTo make golden fried spring rolls crunchy, a little tip below you can apply. It is placed next khổng lồ a bowl of sugar or lemon juice dab on the crust when fried, it will be more crispy!

c. How to lớn fry spring rolls

To make spring rolls a beautiful color, the step khổng lồ frying spring rolls is quite important. The secret below if you apply it, I believe you will create a beautiful fried spring roll that will satisfy everyone.

Place the pan on the stove & pour a quantity of Soybean Golden Oil, then over high heat until the oil is hot. You drop the rolls you rolled from before khổng lồ turn into the pan of oil. Lưu ý to lower the heat khổng lồ prevent spring rolls from burning, crispy crust & ripe cake radiate attractive aroma.

Making spring rolls

Spring rolls will be more attractive if the sauce is just eaten. To make spring rolls is not difficult with only some available ingredients such as pickles, fish sauce, garlic, chili & lemon, you can create a satisfying spring roll sauce.

How to lớn make melon contribution: Ingredients such as cucumber, papaya or kohlrabi are all used to make melon. More sophisticatedly you can trim the decoration so that it is beautiful. To increase the level of gionf you bring in salt or lemon juice to lớn make the melon will taste better. Finally, take out, drain và mix with sugar, lemon and a little spices khổng lồ soak.

About how to lớn make dipping sauce: You have to lớn prepare ingredients such as fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili and sugar. With fish sauce you mix with the ratio of 3 water: 1 teaspoon of fish sauce and add a little salt khổng lồ make it rich.

How to lớn make spring rollsAdd more flavor lớn the lemon và garlic finely chopped & sliced ​​chili, a little pepper, stir well và season lớn taste. Khổng lồ enhance the taste of the dipping sauce you can showroom a little coriander or melon to showroom to the finish.

Fried spring rolls have since become a traditional dish of Vietnamese people every New Year to Spring or during family gatherings. In some regions lượt thích the North fried spring rolls will be eaten with raw vegetables và hot rice will be very delicious. Vì not hesitate any longer, let's start making this dish for your family & relatives!