Super Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe

What is comfort food to lớn you? If you’re lượt thích me, and many other people in the world, one of the images that comes to mind is a gorgeously crispy fried chicken. Simple but flavorful, fried chicken is a treat for both kids and adults alike. Whether you’re enjoying it at a kid’s birthday tiệc ngọt or serving it as an appetizer for game night with your barkada (group of friends), crispy fried chicken is definitely a classic choice.

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Fried chicken is seen as a quintessential part of American cuisine. In the American South, especially, crispy fried chicken is a staple in many homes and restaurants. In fact, many restaurants and fast food chains boast their own trademark fried chicken recipes (KFC & Popeyes ring any bells?). This is something that has been imitated across the world, finding a trang chủ even in countries lượt thích ours; just think of Jollibee!

But wherever you may buy your chicken from, that feeling of comfort và warmth & indulgence is always the same. There’s nothing quite like that first bite you take into a great piece of chicken –– the marriage of the crunch of golden skin & tender meat is unlike any other.

A bộ combo meal

The best thing about fried chicken is the many things you can pair it with. Here are just some of my favorites:

Mashed potatoes. Like I said, mashed potatoes are my kids’ favorite thing to lớn eat with a crispy fried chicken. Lớn be honest, any way you cook potatoes is a great partner khổng lồ this delicious meal. But mashed potatoes truly win people’s hearts over with their smooth and buttery texture; and let’s not forget the fact that they taste great, too! My favorite part about mashed potatoes is how perfectly they go with a sumptuous serving of gravy.Rice. Being the Filipinos that we are, of course, there’s no way lớn enjoy a perfectly good meal quite lượt thích enjoying it with a nice cup of rice! There’s a reason this particular combination is so popular at fast food restaurants as value meals. Crispy fried chicken with wonderful compact trắng rice is a filling meal worthy of all praise. Whether you’re having it at your table or on the go, it’s the best for that mundane bite of comfort. & if you’re like me, indulge a little and pour gravy of that delicious cup!Biscuits. Another humble hàng hóa of American South cuisine, buttermilk biscuits are as rich & indulgent as they come. These biscuits aren’t lượt thích the ones you buy in packs at the grocery; warm, fluffy, và perfect with honey or gravy, these will fill you up almost as much as the fried chicken will. Trust me: you won’t get enough!

What’s your favorite side dish for crispy fried chicken?

Tips and tricks for crispy fried chicken

Whether it’s your first or fifth time cooking this delectable dish, here are some pointers that might help you maximize fried chicken’s yumminess.

Double the coating, double the crispiness

Crispy fried chicken is an easy enough dish to lớn make, but the problem may lie in how well and evenly you coat the breading. Dredging your chicken more than once in your mix of flour and batter will guarantee that you’ve covered the chicken thoroughly. It also prevents any excess batter or skin from falling off as you fry.

High & dry

Once you’ve finished frying your chicken, you might notice it tends to end up quite oily. One way lớn avoid serving a dish that’s too greasy is khổng lồ place it on a plate with a paper towel after frying. Patting your crispy fried chicken down with a paper towel lessens the grease without sacrificing its crunchy texture. Once you’ve filtered out the excess, place your chicken on a wire rack to cool down before plating.

The best things take time

While this recipe should only take about 35 minutes, it really depends on how hot your oil is on your stovetop. I say it should take about 7 minutes per side, but do check on your chicken và see what the best result is for you! Crispy fried chicken is a great dish, but be sure lớn take your own sweet time making it. The results will definitely be worth the wait.

Some well-known fried chicken variations around the world:

In America, people know the Southern-style fried chicken for its delicate texture on the inside, with a great balance of crunch on the outside. & you usually serve it with a good batch of warm gravy.


Meanwhile in Singapore, they integrate oyster sauce and shrimp paste or bagoong with the fried chicken. This creates a strong-odoured but distinctively delectable dish called the Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken.

Also using oyster sauce, the Gai Tod from đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan has a trademark complex taste for its overnight marinating process. This utilizes coriander seeds and roots, trắng pepper, garlic, and of course, oyster sauce for marinade. The chicken is also very moist, but deliciously crunchy.

But if you’re a fan of the classics, I’ve got the perfect Crispy Fried Chicken recipe for you. This uses a special fried chicken batter– và it is guaranteed to bring the most delightful crunch to your chicken.

Cook some Crispy Fried Chicken with me:

Let’s start off by whipping out 3 lbs of chicken. Make sure khổng lồ cut them up into the various parts we will be eating them in– the drumstick, the wing, the breast và the thigh. Then we will be seasoning our chicken by rubbing salt all over the surface of these parts. Wait for 15 minutes so the chicken absorbs the salt as needed, & create more flavor later on. Now we can begin lớn heat our 3 cups of cooking oil in a cooking pot.

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Making the batter for our chicken’s crunch:

Get 1 Knorr Chicken Sube and press a fork down on this until it has been squashed completely. Then add ⅓ cup of warm fresh or evaporated milk. Make sure that this is not hot, but is just warm enough for mixing. We can begin to lớn stir these ingredients now until they seem well-blended enough. Then mix it aside.

Gather some of the dry ingredients for our batter, which are ¾ cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 2 teaspoons of garlic powder, ½ teaspoon of salt, & ¼ teaspoon of ground đen pepper. Among the best secrets for a good fried chicken is the thoughtful set of seasonings lớn give it the best, juiciest flavor. These components will help in making that happen, so set them together well with a wire whisk or a fork. Phối this bowl aside.

Crack 2 eggs into a large mixing bowl, và start beating it. After beating, integrate your milk mixture from earlier, và then beat this again. Once you have mixed together all of the ingredients well enough, pour in half of your flour mixture with the dry ingredients. Start whisking this.

Once the batter has become smooth, you can stop whisking và work on cooking the chicken, at last!

Making và frying the chicken:

Pull out the chicken you phối aside earlier, và dredge it in a bowl with ¾ cups of flour completely. After this, dip it in the batter that we made. Then roll it in the flour again, and make sure it is completely covered. This will help with the chicken’s crispiness later.

Then go ahead & fry your chicken in medium heat. Let it stay this way for about 7 minutes, then flip it over lớn fry the other side. After this, place your chicken on a plate lined with paper towels. This will help keep the oil out of your chicken, and give it less of a wet consistency, but a crunchy one.

Proceed lớn serve your chicken, which might taste best with a bit of gravy or ketchup. This recipe is good for 6 servings, so you can nội dung this plate with your friends or family. & if you have some left over, don’t worry about keeping it crispy because we’ve got some tips for you!

Keeping your fried chicken crunchy:

If you will be bringing your fried chicken somewhere else, and are worried about maintaining that fresh crisp, you can transport it in a container with holes. This is how fast food chains often package their fried chicken, và there’s a reason for that. Fried food that is warm can release moisture so the holes can keep your chicken from absorbing that and becoming soggy.

Be warned that it may start to lớn smell like fried chicken if you carry it in an airconditioned car, but this is a pretty good way lớn keep your meal crunchy.

You should also let the fried chicken cool for a good amount of time before you go elsewhere with it so steam doesn’t build up.

And if you are simply staying at home, one surefire way khổng lồ keep your fried chicken as crispy as possible is by placing it on a wire rack. Then insert it into your oven, best if kept warm, so the heat stays with your meal.

Fried chicken is just such a guaranteed crowd pleaser that it wouldn’t hurt lớn give it a try in other styles! If you’re looking for other varieties of fried chicken, I have some suggested recipes for you.


Other appetizing fried chicken recipes:

Quick và Easy Fried Chicken

Even with the marinating time of 10 minutes, this Quick và Easy Fried Chicken only takes about 30 minutes to make. & you’ll come out with a sure win of a dish. It has all of the essential flavors of a great fried chicken. & it does this while integrating tones of toyomansi to bring in a salty and sour flavor lớn the mix.

Pinoy Style Fried Chicken

Tasting every bit as comforting as being at home, this Pinoy Style Fried Chicken is both tasty và packed with Filipino flavors. It also utilizes some of the more affordable ingredients that won’t strain your budget. But the you can’t doubt the flavor, as it is filled with all the goodness of a classic fried chicken.

There’s always room to lớn experiment with the fried chicken. & that’s why we love khổng lồ have it every now và then. But if you’re craving khổng lồ go back to the classics, just scroll back up for the steps to lớn my rendition of the Crispy Fried Chicken!