How to make store bought pizza crust crispy


Do you want lớn know how khổng lồ make store bought pizza crust crispy? Indeed you’re one of those who love a perfect pizza more.

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No doubt, crispy crust pizza has a special place in everyone’s heart because of its crunch and doneness level. Therefore, people keep asking that whenever they make pizza at home, their pizza dough becomes soggy.

The good news is, this write-up is here for your redemption, we’ll explain the best ways lớn make your pizza crispy. Here we go…!


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How to lớn Make Crispy Pizza Crust? Complete Process


When you buy store-bought dough và move towards the process of making pizza, the frozen dough crust may become soggy. The reason is any single step or baking technique that you miss.

People have come up with many ways to make the pizza crust crunchy và tasty. Here are the few most effective techniques that can help you make crispy pizza crust while baking a pizza in an oven using:

Pizza steelPizza stoneBaking trayCast-Iron Skillet

Oven-Baked Pizza

The oven-baked pizza is the most famous & straightforward manner khổng lồ make pizza at home. Nowadays, people prefer oven-baked pizza instead of brick stove pizza or pan pizza.

Here are the points to lớn making crispy crust pizza with the store-bought pizza dough.

1- Unwrap The Pizza Dough

The first step is taking the store-bought dough out of the bag. You’ll have to lớn defrost the frozen dough lớn make a crispy crust. So, unwrap the dough and place it at room temperature until it becomes fluffy & easy khổng lồ use.

2- size the Dough Ball Using Flour

The second step is making a dough ball by kneading the store-bought dough. Many people make a mistake here by kneading the moist dough & making a damp ball.

To make the dough crispy, you should dust a considerable amount of flour to lớn make an excellent dry ball. After making the dough ball, dust off the excess flour.

3- Wrap the Dough Ball for a Rise

Keeping the covered dough ball aside for some time will enhance the taste of the pizza crust. So, cover the dough with a plastic wrapper và keep it aside for at least an hour. In this period, the yeast present in the dough will work khổng lồ raise the dough.

4- Blend the Dough Again

When you see that the dough is nicely stimulated, it’s time to lớn knead it again. The kneading và stretching of dough will help you mold the pizza base into your desired shape. Therefore, knead the dough và prepare it to size the pizza base.

5- form a Thin Pizza Base

The most common shape of the pizza crust is a round shape, but you can also make the shape you want. When forming the pizza base, many people make a mistake by making the pizza dough thick.

When you keep the thick pizza dough in the oven for baking, it’ll become even denser & not crispy. Hence, to lớn make a crispy pizza crust, you should make a thin base. Additionally, the narrow base will give you the desired crisp taste.

6- Put Toppings of your Choice

At this step, you can add the toppings to your pizza base to lớn make it more delicious. Firstly, put some pizza sauce on the bottom but keep in mind that the spice of pizza should be thick. Now địa chỉ some cheese with chicken & vegetables according to your choice.

7- Preheat the Oven

The most crucial step while making pizza at trang chủ is preheating the oven at 450° F. When you want the pizza dough khổng lồ be crispy, like in restaurants, you should put the pizza in the oven when the range is extremely hot.

So, preheat the oven for a few minutes before baking the pizza.

8- Place Pizza in the Oven

How you’re placing the pizza in the oven plays a significant role in making the pizza crust crispy. You can make a pizza base crispy by using different appliances to toast the pizza inside the range.

Here are the most common tools that help you make crispy crust pizza.

Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a widespread and helpful method for making a crispy crust pizza at home. In the pizza stone method, the first step is to lớn buy a good pizza stone khổng lồ bake your pizza at home. You can buy a decent quality pizza stone from any grocery store for just $15 lớn $20.

When you’ve purchased a pizza stone, it’s time to bake a crispy crust pizza.

1- The initial step to making the pizza dough crispy is to preheat the pizza stone. You should preheat the pizza stone for approx 45 khổng lồ 60 minutes at the highest possible temperature of 475-500°. The stone will absorb all the heat in it & helps to lớn make the dough crispier.

2- Place the prepared pizza base on the preheated pizza stone in the oven rack. It’ll play a particular role in making the pizza crust crispier, lượt thích Italian pizzas. Bake it for a few minutes at 400° F in a preheated oven khổng lồ get a crispy crust.

Pizza Steel

The pizza steel is another better option than pizza stone to lớn make the dough crunchy. The pizza steel may not be budget-friendly, but its price is worth it. You can get good pizza steel ranging from $80-$200 from any store.

You must place the prepared pizza base on the pizza steel in the oven. You might not preheat the pizza steel for too long as being an excellent conductor of heat it becomes very hot in significantly less time. So, you can make fantastic crispy crust pizzas like Neapolitan & many more.

Baking Tray

A baking tray is also a better option if you lack pizza stone or pizza steel. A baking tray comes in different varieties like aluminum trays etc. It would be best if you buy a steel baking tray.

You must preheat the pizza base for 30 minutes at the maximum possible temperature, then place the pizza over the steel và bake it.

The baking tray works lượt thích a pizza stone. It would be best if you placed the baking tray near the heat source in the oven so that it gains more heat. Put the pizza on the pizza tray & let it bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 400 F.

Cast-Iron Skillet

The cast-iron skillet is the best choice when there is no other option. The cast-Iron skillet is made of iron, so it is an excellent conductor of heat. It may act lượt thích pizza steel. Most people make pizza on a cast-iron skillet without preheating.

You want to make a crispy crust pizza with a cast-iron skillet, right? Follow these instructions:

Preheat the oven.Spread the pizza dough on the skillet.Put the skillet in the oven for toasting the base for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes sprinkle the sauces và toppings on it và back it for a further few minutes at 400 F.

You can relish the taste of your favorite crunchy crust pizza.

Keep Checking the Crust

While baking the pizza, when you see the pizza getting a brownish shade, take the pizza out for a while to see if the pizza is cooked appropriately or not. You can bake it for some more time if you want the pizza crust crispier.

Enjoy your Pizza

When you get your desired pizza crust, take the pizza out of the oven và rest it. Your crispy crust pizza made with store-bought dough is ready khổng lồ eat. Enjoy your meal.

Why Doesn’t your Premade Pizza Crust Come Crispy? đứng đầu Reasons

A question that may always pop up in your mind isn’t your pizza crust crispy lượt thích the store-bought pizza. A lot of reasons exist that can make your pizza dough soggy.

Let’s dive in & discuss the most common reasons that will not make your pizza crust crispy.

1- The Wrong Dough

Dough plays a significant role in making a delicious pizza. Various people buy cheap pizza dough to save a few pennies, but they spoil the pizza’s taste. It would be best always khổng lồ buy a high-quality pizza dough to lớn get the crispy pizza crust.

Therefore, before purchasing a pizza base from the store, check the users’ đánh giá that have tried it earlier.

2- Moisture Level

An excess amount of moisture can also spoil your pizza’s taste. The pizza crust can get water from thin sauces, more usage of cheese, use of extra moist toppings, etc. Therefore, while making pizza, use thick sauces to get the crispy crust.

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No doubt that cheese enhances pizza taste, but if you want a crispy crust pizza, you should avoid the use of excess cheese on the pizza dough.

3- Wrong Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in providing a well-baked crispy crust pizza. Here is the ideal temperature guide for baking pizza in various oven types:

The average temperature to cook a pizza in a wood-fired oven is 850-900F.In contrast, the temperature should be around 600F lớn 700F khổng lồ bake the pizza in the brick oven.For baking pizza in a toaster oven, 400F is advisable. Additionally, preheating the oven is essential.To cook pizza in a convection oven, the 450-500F temperature is recommended.

So, the high temperature is a secret of a crispy dough pizza. The oven should also be preheated to lớn increase the temperature.

Hence, if you bake the pizza at a low temperature, the water in the dough will remain và make the dough moist instead of making it crispier.

Tips lớn Make Frozen Pizza Crust Crispy

Do you think you know how to make store-bought pizza crust crispy? You might be unaware of many factors that need to lớn be used or avoided while making a crispy pizza at home.

So, spare a few minutes to know about the significant factors that make your pizza crust crispier.

Here are the essential elements that you should bởi vì to get a crunchy pizza crust.

Bake your Thick Pizza Crust Before Adding Toppings

When you head to showroom toppings lớn your pizza dough, you don’t need to lớn prebake it.

Yet, if love thick pizza crust or a stuffed pizza crust, you must pre-bake it in your preheated oven for 5-6 minutes.

When you see the pizza crust puffing, baking the pizza base will convert all the excess water into vapors. This step will help you lớn enjoy the crispier pizza crust when you further bake it to make pizza.

Use a Pizza Stone or Steel

The use of pizza steel or pizza stone will bring the taste of your pizza to the next level. In restaurants, most chefs use any of these two tools to make their pizza more crunchy. Nevertheless, the ovens at home are shorter in size than that in restaurants, you should get a pizza stone or steel & also season your pizza stone or steel.

Use Thick Pizza Sauce

Thick pizza sauces have less water content as compared with thin sauces while making pizza. The seasonings with a watery consistency lead lớn moist pizza dough with no crispiness. So, ensure you use the thick sauces to lớn prevent the sogginess of the dough.

Opt for Thin Pizza Crust và Stretch it Well.

It would be best if you avoid the formation of thick pizza crust. When you make a thick stuffy pizza base, it’ll remain undercooked or may hold some moisture in it. The thick pizza crust will not become crispy at any temperature.

Therefore, try to make a thin pizza base that can be quickly toasted at the oven’s temperature. The thin pizza crust can be easily made crispier.

Avoid Adding Too Many Toppings

You may love to eat the fully loaded pizza with vegetables, cheese, meat, etc. Yet, these toppings will not let your pizza crust become crispy. When you put all the toppings on the pizza base, it’ll increase the load on the pizza dough and showroom more moisture, of course.

Hence, to lớn enjoy the crispy crust pizza, you should avoid the addition of excessive toppings.

Cheese Can Make your Pizza Soggy

You love cheese-loaded pizza, and it’s why you địa chỉ cửa hàng a lot of cheese over your pizza.! It’s what creates the drastic sogginess.

Let me explain, please. Adding cheese to the pizza crust without prebaking it can create a problem.

Yet, another secret reason behind your cheese pizza not coming out crispy can be the water in your cheese.

So what to lớn do, is put your sliced cheese into a draining bowl with a container underneath and leave it overnight in the refrigerator. You’ll see a lot of water gathered in the bowl. It was the real reason that kept you from enjoying delicious crispy pizza.


Why does the frozen pizzas’ crust remain soggy?

The premade pizza dough loses its crispiness because when you defrost the frozen pizza, it will become soggy. So, if you want khổng lồ avoid this pulpiness, the best way is lớn place it in the preheated oven directly. The consumption of more heat may let your pizza remain crispy and tasty.

Do you use olive oil to make crispy crust pizza?

If you’re a pizza lover, you might be aware of the importance of olive oil in the pizza. The excessive usage of olive oil will lead your pizza crust khổng lồ become soggy and fluffy.

The use of olive oil will prevent the pizza crust from sticking to lớn the pan and gives your pizza an excellent brownish shade.

Olive oil will not make your pizza dough fluffy; it’ll give a crispy crust pizza.

Why does my pizza take so long lớn crisp?

A lot of toppings to be added khổng lồ the pizza base take more time, và thus increase the pizza baking time significantly.

To your surprise, in such a situation, no one can tell you how long you should bake your pizza. It’s really unpredictable!

To prevent this, reduce toppings to lớn get crispier pizza in a meager time.

Why is pizza steel a better option than pizza stone?

You might be thinking that if you’ve phối up the pizza stone at your trang chủ for pizza, why to lớn bother yourself with pizza steel. So, let me clarify that pizza steel will give you even better và crispy pizza than the pizza stone.

You all know that metal/steel is the best conductor of heat. You have lớn preheat the pizza stone for an hour, but the pizza steel doesn’t need to be preheated. Likewise, the pizza steel also saves you money by being more durable.

Should you pre bake pizza crust? 

It would be best to lớn pre-bake the pizza dough khổng lồ make a crispy crust pizza. After kneading the prepared dough, shape the pizza base và keep it in the preheated oven for a few minutes.

The average time khổng lồ pre-bake the pizza is 5 lớn 6 minutes. Pre-baking the crust will absorb all the dampness from the dough và make it crispier.

So, if you want to địa chỉ extra toppings khổng lồ the pizza, you should pre-bake the dough khổng lồ make it crisper & then showroom your desired toppings before baking.

Final Words

We hope we have cleared all of your doubts about making homemade pizza with crispy crust no matter it is store-bought out of fresh dough. Hence, you don’t need lớn be bothered anymore. You have to open this writeup and get all the information to lớn bake a crispy crust pizza at home. Enjoy the yummy pizza!