Bigelow cozy chamomile herbal tea, caffeine free, 20

Enjoy this lemongrass ginger tea when in need of a fresh & aromatic drink. It has a great soothing effect và also is packed with amazing citrusy flavors. Easy và done within 15 minutes, plus it is caffeine-free & can be enjoyed either warm or iced.

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Watch how lớn make it

Variations lớn the recipe

You can personalize this tea recipe in so many ways! Here are a few ideas:

Add a cinnamon stick to the pot while simmering the tea.Add fresh herbs such as basil or mint for a refreshing effect. This would be amazing if making iced tea. In that case, simmer & strain the tea as described và then, địa chỉ the fresh herbs to lớn the tea while it chills in the fridge.To địa chỉ cửa hàng more powerful healthy benefits to your tea, also include a small piece of turmeric root while simmering.For an energizing concoction, steep some caffeinated green tea or đen tea leaves in the ginger-lemongrass tea as well.

Storage tips

Once the tea has cooled down, simply keep in an air-tight container in the fridge for a few days. From there, you can either enjoy leftover tea over ice cubes for a cooling effect or simply warm up on the stove (or even microwave). Leftovers should stay pretty good for a few days.


Can I use powdered ginger instead of fresh ginger?

No. For best result, you will need khổng lồ use the fresh roots. You can peel & slice ginger roots ahead of time and then freeze the pieces in a container to be able to make fresh ginger tea any time (or to use in cooking).

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Does lemongrass ginger tea contain caffeine?

No. It is safe to lớn enjoy just before bedtime và to nói qua with kids too.

Why did my tea turn brown-ish?

It can have a brown hue, depending on the ginger và lemongrass you used. Also, the more you simmer/steep them, the more brownish/hazy it will turn. It is fine! It just means your tea will have a stronger taste.


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I hope you like this easy lemongrass tea as much as we do! If you try it, please leave a phản hồi below and rate the recipe khổng lồ let me know how it was. Your feedback is so helpful!

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