Coconut Oil Mascara Recipe That Works!

I never wear a lot of makeup, but I like my eye liner, mascara, and lip stick. So, what bởi vì you vị if you go all natural? You can forget it all và go with your beautiful, clean face (I really wish you would see quite how beautiful that really is!). But if you’re not comfortable with that yet, then how about getting started making your own with this homemade mascara recipe?


I started making my own makeup years ago: foundation, bronzer, eye liner, lip color, eye shadow, blush. I even made my own homemade mascara recipe using egg yolks. I have two recipes you can check out và compare lớn this one.

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Why another homemade mascara recipe?

I like the other recipes, but (1) egg yolk does great for mascara, but I like to make more at once and not have to lớn worry about it introducing bacteria into my eye. (2) The other recipe tends to lớn run on warm days.

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So, I’ve been playing & tweaking. I actually had a wonderful store called Revelation Health ask me to make some for them. I made a batch – it was great at first, but got too thick after a day. I made another batch, but it didn’t sit on the lashes as much as I liked. Agh! Well, the recipe below is my final recipe. You may still need to tweak things a little if it’s too thick, too runny, depending on how well you measure your ingredients, but I’ll give you tips on how to vày that too.


You really can have a natural, homemade mascara that works well & it pure & healthy for you!! YEA! Out of all my products, this is the only one I kept going back and forth on with store bought & homemade. I’m finally happy và I hope you will be too.