You can find this popular dessert, Mango Grapefruit Sago in Coconut Milk (楊枝甘露) on the of many Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, used khổng lồ wrap up a dinner in summer.

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I love every dessert that made with mango or sago. It’s a dessert soup combining both. I’m ready khổng lồ indulge myself with it. It’s mango season down under here. That’s another good reason to lớn make a large bowl to lớn the family as well. This chilled dessert perfectly wrapped up our dinner in a hot summer night.
* it comes lớn make this dessert, it’s absolutely easy. The recipe is very forgiving too. You simply set some mango pulp with grapefruit meat in coconut milk syrup. chill it in fridge for serving at any time. This dessert is so tasty, refreshing, nourishing, và can help beat the heat here.Traditionally, pomelo is used instead of grapefruit, not easily found here during summer though. I’m totally into this nutritious grapefruit with rich antioxidants. Its slightly bitterness perfectly balance the sweetness of the whole dish. Having said that, you may keep using pomelo you make your own.

MangoGrapefruit Sago in Coconut Milk Recipe

(Printable recipe) By Christine’s Recipes Prep time
: 10 minsCook time: 30 minsYield: 6 to lớn 8 serves

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:80 gm sago (sago pearls) 1 L boiling water 75 gm rock sugar 150 ml water 520 gm (2 large mangoes) mango flesh 1 red grapefruit 400 ml coconut milk 300 ml milk

:Put sago into a pot of 1 litre of boiling water. Bring it boil again. Remove from the heat and keep the lid on. Let the sago cook in the residual heat for about 10 to lớn 15 minutes, until Drain through a sieve. Rinse with running cold water. Drain well. Mix aside.To make syrup: In a small saucepan, put rock sugar with water together. Bring it khổng lồ a boil over medium heat & cook until the sugar is completely dissolved. Let it cool completely.Peel the grapefruit & separate the flesh. Cut the mango flesh into cubes.Use a large mixing bowl. Put in the mango và grapefruit. Pour in the coconut milk as well as milk. Mix in the sago and syrup. Refrigerate for 2 hours. !
If it’s not the mango season, canned mango can be used instead.Grapefruit has a slightly bitter taste. Khổng lồ myself, I lượt thích its subtle bitterness taste. Use pomelo that’s sweet instead if desired.The amount of mango flesh can be adjusted lớn your Or half of them in a food processor to make a paste, phối into the coconut milk syrup.You can adjust the amount of rock sugar to your personal liking.

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