Fresh and preserved coconut milk


Coconut Burfi is a traditional Indian Sweet made with coconut, sugar/jaggery, milk, cardamoms và sometimes nuts. Known by different names such as Kobbari burfi, Nariyal burfi, Copra pak & Tengai burfi, it a popular festive delight that’s delicious and addictive too. In this post I tóm tắt 3 easy recipes khổng lồ make Coconut Barfi. It is a delightful dessert you can make for any celebrations or simply gift someone you love.

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About Coconut Burfi

Coconut is considered to lớn be a fruit in its purest form so it is extensively used by Indians not only for religious offerings but also for preparing a lot of foods. Coconut Burfi & Coconut Ladoo are 2 most commonly prepared sweets, especially in South India.

You will find coconut burfi tasting so different in every home and you are likely khổng lồ come across countless versions. Over the years, I have perfectioned 3 recipes to lớn make coconut burfi.

One the traditional way with coconut, milk và sugar.The second one with coconut & condensed milk. The third one with coconut, mawa & sugar.

If you are an Indian, you surely known that each one of these taste so different.

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1 About Coconut Burfi
2 How to lớn Make Coconut Burfi (Stepwise photos)
3 Coconut Burfi with Condensed Milk
4 Coconut Mawa Burfi
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Traditionally coconut burfi is made either with fresh coconut or with dried coconut (copra, not desiccated coconut) as they were the most commonly available forms of coconut.

Desiccated coconut actually does not have the same flavor as the fresh và dried coconut, so it is best khổng lồ use it with condensed milk or with Mawa (Khoya) for a richer taste.

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About the Recipes

Though you can use fresh/frozen coconut or desiccated coconut in all of my 3 recipes, the cook time changes considerably if you use one for the other. These recipes have not been tested with other kinds of coconut lượt thích copra, shredded coconut, coconut flakes etc.

Each of these vary in their sweetness levels so you need lớn adjust the sweetness. If you are a newbie & want to lớn try the recipe, scroll down khổng lồ “kinds of coconut” section, to know what these different kinds of coconut mean.

Here are the best combos that work well lớn make a coconut burfi:

Fresh/frozen coconut with whole milk is best. To lớn use desiccated coconut with whole milk, use more milk than you would use for fresh/frozen coconut, as desiccated coconut has no moisture of its own.

Desiccated coconut with condensed milk or with whole milk và mawa (any kind of mawa) works best. If you use fresh/frozen coconut with condensed milk, you will need lesser condensed milk and the cook time is slightly longer due khổng lồ the excess moisture in the coconut.