How To Cook Coca Cola Chicken


Can you imagine how it tastes when a can of Coca-Cola is concentrated into just a few tablespoons? That is what you expect when it comes to Coca-Cola chicken 可乐鸡!

I remember it was a hit in the ’90s in Asia, with a legion of fans, mainly the youngsters. The craze might have subsided, but it is still one of the popular fusion Chinese dishes offers in restaurants.

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The idea of using Coca-Cola lớn braise chicken is not traditional. Some say that it was invented by the Chinese chef abroad due to lớn certain ingredients are hard lớn get, and using this soft drink to lớn cook is a way khổng lồ get the approximation of the original flavor. Others say that it is originated from Shandong province when a cook in a restaurant accidentally pours a bottle of Coca-Cola into the chicken.

Despite the obscure origin, the secret ingredients in Coal-cola match the flavor of the chicken, which eventually evolve into a popular dish among the Chinese household.

Don’t miss this recipe with some nostalgic feeling in it. Braise the chicken with theCoca-Cola twist!

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How khổng lồ prepare Coca-Cola chicken

Coca-Cola chicken is usually prepared with chicken wings, although other cuts are equally suitable. There are numerous ways to cook it. I have seen one interpretation is lớn brine the chicken with Coca-Cola, then coated with batter & deep-fried. In this post, I will explain how to lớn prepare it with the most common method among the Chinese, i.e., to lớn braise the chicken. It involves three steps:

Saute the garlic, ginger, and scallion first, just like any other traditional Chinese braising dish.Pan-fried the chicken wings until they turn golden brown to bring out the aroma.Braise the chicken wings with Coca-Cola.

Let’s get into more details.

1. Seasoning for Coca-Cola chicken

You can use drumsticks, wings, or chicken thighs. The chicken pieces are seasoned only with salt and pepper. There is no need to showroom soy sauce or oyster sauce as we will not marinate the chicken. Braising allows enough time for the chicken khổng lồ absorb the flavor from the gravy. It is not necessary to lớn marinate the meat.

Here is a brief explanation of each ingredients:

Coca-Cola is the main ingredient. I use one can (12 oz) for one kilogam of chicken. You can increase the amount lớn 1.5 cans khổng lồ get a more intense flavor.Ginger & scallions help eliminate the unwanted smell of raw meat.What about adding tomato sauce và BBQ sauce? Since there is no standard way to prepare Coca-Cola chicken, you can showroom tomato sauce or BBQ sauce into the braising liquid. However, I will omit them, which will turn out closer lớn the Chinese flavor.

Note: Traditional braise chicken always includes some rock sugar in the recipe. However, since Coca-Cola contains sugar, there is no need to địa chỉ cửa hàng any sugar lớn this recipe. The sugar helps to khung a thick, glossy sheen on the surface. That is why you need khổng lồ use the original Coal-Cola, not Diet Coke or Coke Zero, to prepare this dish. Furthermore, Diet Coke và Coke Zero contain aspartame as the sweetener. Aspartame will break down when heated and therefore is not suitable for cooking.

2. Is it necessary to lớn marinate the chicken?

There is no need to lớn marinate the chicken as it is a redundant step.

The purpose of marinating the chicken is lớn let the flavor penetrate the interior of the meat. This step is essential for stir-frying & deep-frying since the cooking time is relatively short. However, braising allows the flavor khổng lồ have sufficient time lớn penetrate deep into the chicken meat, which makes marinating the meat becomes irrelevant. Furthermore, the braising liquid will eventually reduce to lớn become a thick gravy that coats the surface, adding all the flavor lớn the chicken.

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3. Pan-fried the chicken until golden

Pan-fry first before braising the chicken. It creates the aroma due to lớn the heat generated in the pan through the Millard reaction, which does not happen in braising.

Pan-fried chicken also helps lớn tighten the skin. As a result, the skin will be moist và waxy và will not detach from the meat during braising.

You can use a well-season cast iron pan or non-stick pan khổng lồ pan-fry the chicken. I find that both work well.


4. Braise the chicken low and slow

Braise the chicken is easy. It will turn out juicy và tender as long as you bởi vì it patiently. You can reduce the braising liquid faster by using higher heat, but the higher temperature will toughen the meat. Furthermore, the flavor takes time khổng lồ penetrate the meat, & therefore there is no reason to hurry up.

It takes longer to reduce the Coca-Cola to a thick gravy if you use more than one can per kg of chicken. In this case, remove the chicken pieces from the braising liquid after being tender enough to lớn prevent them from overcooked. Now you can reduce the braising liquid without the chicken until it thickens. When it becomes thick enough khổng lồ coat a metal spoon, return the chicken pieces to the pan & glaze them with the thick gravy.

The Coca-Cola chicken tastes better if you leave it for half a day. That is because it allows more time for the flavor to lớn penetrate down to lớn the bone. If you make it in advance, địa chỉ two tablespoons of water và heat it on the stove lớn thicken the gravy again before serving.

Note: This recipe is not an endorsement for Coca-Cola! You can use any cola in this recipe.

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