Chinese Sweet And Sour Ribs 糖醋排骨 Recipe

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Every piece of the sweet & sour ribs are coated withamber màu sắc sauce, which has a sticky texture & a perfectly balanced sweet and sour taste.

After 1 hour of slow cooking, the ribs are soflavorfulandfall off the bonetender.

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Fall off the bone tender ribs

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Usually Chinese chefs wouldn’t use any measuring tools when they địa chỉ seasonings. We would just roughly measure it with our “Chinese eyeballs”.

However, khổng lồ make authentic Chinese Sweet và Sour Ribs, most (if not all) Chinese chefs would tell you khổng lồ pay extra attention khổng lồ the ratio of sugar and vinegar.

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Some chefs are very creative to điện thoại tư vấn sweet và sour ribs as “12345 ribs“, so that people can easily remember the ratios of 5 basic ingredients:

Cooking wine (1 tbsp), regular soy sauce (2 tbsps), Chinkiang vinegar (3 tbsps), sugar (4 tbsps), và water (5 tbsps).


The “12345 formula” is helpful for you lớn remember the rule of thumb ratio.

Based on this ratio, you can gradually adjust the amount of each seasoning everything you make your sweet and sour ribs, until you find the best ratio of sauce for you!

To me, I’d prefer the ribs khổng lồ be more on the sweet & sour side, instead of on the salty side. So I’d showroom more sugar & vinegar with less soy sauce.

How to lớn caramelize the ribs with sugar

A traditional và brilliant Chinese method to caramelize the meat is called Chao Tang Shai (炒糖色, stir-fry lớn get a caramel màu sắc ).

Specifically, chefs will stir-fry rock sugar (cane sugar will also work) with oil or water until it’s fully melt và turns into an amber color. Then địa chỉ cửa hàng in the ribs to stir-fry until every piece of the ribs is evenly coated with the sticky caramel sauce.

It looks kinda lượt thích spare rib tanghulu!